How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 14 2008

''Rabbit food'' SALAD
''The ___ Purple'' (1985 film) COLOR
''You ___ it to yourself'' OWE
2002 Olympics state UTAH
3.75 feet, once ELL
A 500 site DAYTONA
A hostel environment INN
Affirm openly PROFESS
Alfresco eateries CAFES
Alienation, of a sort EXILE
Appealed earnestly PLED
Apt name for a British restroom attendant? LOU
Atoll component REEF
Bad thing to abandon HOPE
Banned activity NONO
Baum canine TOTO
Begin a revolt ARISE
Begin's peace partner SADAT
Blessing BOON
Clothes go in and out of it regularly STYLE
Competitions CONTESTS
Dance with high kicks CANCAN
Deep drink SWIG
Doesn't sit still for mistreatment SUES
Erosions of soil DEFLATIONS
Fall guys? RAKERS
Feed a party CATER
First name in the ''Beverly Hills, 90210'' cast TORI
Floating cobweb GOSSAMER
Freeze for the camera POSE
Gastropod with earlike tentacles SEAHARE
Gladiators' grounds ARENA
Greek liqueur OUZO
Hose nozzle, e.g. SPRAYER
Income's opposite OUTGO
Kind of division LONG
Klink's clink STALAG
Latte needs CUPS
Marco Polo's original heading EAST
Military takeover COUP
Mingling with AMONGST
Nephew of Cain ENOS
Not right LEFT
Noted Renaissance patron ESTE
Part of a drum kit TOMTOM
Pavarotti or Domingo TENOR
Poetic homage ODE
Portuguese explorer Cabral PEDRO
Prepared to testify SWORE
Radio role for Freeman Gosden AMOS
Recite rhetoric ORATE
Rowan Atkinson character BEAN
Scented bag SACHET
Space-exploring gp. NASA
Squeal of delight GOODYGOODY
Superimposed on ATOP
Surrender, as property CEDE
Swarm TEEM
They follow ''Roll 'em!'' TAKES
They may go to blazes AXES
Tiny symbol of industriousness ANT
Tooth part ROOT
Trim a tress SNIP
Trips with a gnu look SAFARIS
Twofold DUAL
Type of split FIFTYFIFTY
Weasel's cousin? RAT
Went a-courting WOOED
What horses with sulkies do TROT
Wine vintage YEAR
Winter hours in NYC EST
You can expect some from a prima donna DRAMA
Young oyster SPAT
Z lead-in ATO
___ l'oeil (visual deception) TROMPE
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