How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 25 2017

"Fool me once, ___ ..." SHAME
"Give that ___ cigar!" MANA
"One-___ Jacks" (1961 film) EYED
"Rush!" on an order ASAP
Actress Heche ANNE
Atlantic or Pacific OCEAN
Be in contradiction with BELIE
Bird's habitat NEST
Brilliant, creative thought IDEA
Broadway offerings PLAYS
Brother of Fidel RAUL
Buenos ___ AIRES
Car ad stat MPG
Cheshire Cat, famously SMILER
Creature from outer space ALIEN
Delta 88 maker, briefly OLDS
Discharge EMISSION
Divinely favored (var.) BLEST
Early arrival in the maternity ward (var.) PREMIE
Farmer's locale, in song DELL
Feeds hogs SLOPS
Fit well together MESH
Former Russian ruler TSAR
Fortune-teller's food root? TARO
Frozen surface ICE
Guinness or Baldwin ALEC
Gun aimed at speeders RADAR
Hairy Biblical twin ESAU
Half a ballroom dance CHA
Have no reason to argue AGREE
Hearty soup STEW
Hotel employees MAIDS
Instructions part STEP
It's the limit SKY
Jewish leaders RABBIS
Jupiter's alias JOVE
Kill, as a dragon SLAY
Lab bottle VIAL
Large wine holder VAT
Leered at OGLED
Like some exams ORAL
Little quick touches, as of paint DABS
Long-winded WORDY
Look for SEEK
Make coffee or beer BREW
Maternally related ENATE
Ms. Krabappel on "The Simpsons" EDNA
Night's counterpart DAY
Paged, old-style BEEPED
Parker of "Superman Returns" POSEY
Perfume's feature SCENT
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Poe's bird RAVEN
Poetic form SONNET
Regions AREAS
Rhyming, fashionable London area PALLMALL
Shuttle org NASA
Small amount of liquid OUNCE
Stage dressing PROP
Subway gate STILE
Teatime biscuit SCONE
Tests one's metal? ASSAYS
Thing to do at a red light IDLE
Three, in directions EAST
Throws in ADDS
Turner and Knight TEDS
Velocity SPEED
Wanders ROAMS
Wayne of Westerns JOHN
White, cold coat SNOW
Without the "P," a catfishing web locale would be a ... (var.) HONEYDATINGSITE
Without the "P," radio hosts would have to .. DEALWITHHONEINS
Without the "P," the place you get your meds .. WOULDBEAHARMACY
Words before "precedent" or "record" SETA
___ out (distribute) METE
___ wait (prepare to ambush) LIEIN
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