How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 25 2002

''--- Fashioned Love Song'' OLD
''Atlantic City'' director Louis MALLE
''Maximus to Gloucester'' poet Charles OLSON
''Mayberry ---'' RFD
''What's --- for me?'' INIT
''Wiseguy'' star Ken WAHL
--- Lanka SRI
53-Down SPOT
Aches' partner PAINS
Actress Greer GARSON
Albatross variety GOONEY
At the peak ATOP
Backbone SPINE
Beginning ONSET
Being, to Claudius ESSE
Bellini opera NORMA
Bird shed COTE
Breathing space ROOM
Brilliant performance ECLAT
Cabbage type KALE
Cargo weight unit, perhaps TON
Catch sight of ESPY
Connector of the quip AND
Corn-growing state IOWA
Crucifixes ROODS
Cry of despair WAIL
Curlicue LOOP
Curriculum --- (rŽsumŽ) VITAE
Dallas Cowboys' emblem STAR
Droopy eared hound BASSET
Eggs OVA
Entrance halls FOYERS
Eve, before she was Eve RIB
Faster's opposite? EATER
First lady before Jackie MAMIE
Fix a hot dog? SPAY
Flat-bottom open boat SKIFF
Foul up ERR
Grant another mortgage RELOAN
Having magnitude only SCALAR
Health farm SPA
In one end and out the other, for short THRU
Innovator's prefix NEO
It's a bit of cheer RAH
Judges to be DEEMS
Killer whale ORCA
Kournikova or Karenina ANNA
Lilly or Whitney ELI
Lines spoken to an audience ASIDES
Look of derision SNEER
Miss America's hip hugger SASH
More of the quip WILLGRATIFYSOME
Mythical monsters ORCS
Nacho flavoring SALSA
Necktie variety BOLA
Norse god ODIN
Obelisk, say MONOLITH
Old Glory, for one FLAG
One side of a debate ANTI
Painter Veronese or architect Soleri PAOLO
Persia, now IRAN
Plaster backing LATH
Popular settings for paintings SEACOAST
Prefix for China INDO
Prey on one's mind OBSESS
Promotional ploy HYPE
Remove, as printed matter DELE
Saint Elmo's fire CORONA
Spinner in space ORB
Start of a Mark Twain quip ALWAYSDORIGHTIT
Susan Lucci soap role ERICA
Test pilot Chuck YEAGER
Use a divining rod DOWSE
With respect to ANENT
Wolfe, the sleuth NERO
Word with time or sheet BED
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