How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 13 2017

"Absolutely not guilty!" e.g PLEA
"Cut it out!" STOP
"Remington Steele" character Laura HOLT
"___ that's final!" AND
Antietam fighter in gray REB
Arranged in stacks HEAPED
Arrow shooter CROSSBOW
Audio's counterpart VIDEO
Be sick AIL
Beer variety ALE
Big body of water SEA
Bona fide VALID
By way of VIA
Calf meat VEAL
Cause of a freak-out "attack" PANIC
Chick's great-grandmother? OLDLADYBIRD
Chill-out spot for a wedding VIP? BESTMANCAVE
Chillingly spooky EERIE
Chrysler 300, for one SEDAN
Collect certain insects? BAGLADYBUGS
Concerning hearing AURAL
Constantly flap one's gums YAP
Creatures similar to 52-Across RHEAS
Crinkled paper or thin pancake CREPE
Dude kin BRO
Evidence that's extremely hard to dispute DNA
Extensive, heroic story SAGA
Friend in need, indeed PAL
Full-grown female chicken BIDDY
Geometric figure with equal angles ISOGON
Greek version of Cupid EROS
In a witty manner DROLLY
Insect that produces royal jelly BEE
It meant before, before we used before ERE
Jumping in point for an underwater worker? FROGMANHOLE
Lift in a building ELEVATOR
Made a run for it BOLTED
Major industrial region of Germany RUHR
Many Christmas trees FIRS
Most ironically amusing WRYEST
Mythical lamp dweller GENIE
Nest up high AERIE
New take on an original film REMAKE
Night, in old poetry EEN
Not small or medium LARGE
Not up and moving ABED
One's bride-to-be FIANCEE
Piece of a dying fire EMBER
Pitchfork points PRONGS
Place fit for a queen PALACE
Poles tossed by competitive Scots CABERS
Question concerning location WHERE
Racetrack postings ODDS
Refuge for the shipwrecked ISLE
Robert Redford's Roy in "The Natural" HOBBS
Scratch a surface MAR
Sharp cheese type CHEDDAR
Ship's lowest deck ORLOP
Shovel, to a card player? SPADE
Some runny breakfast dishes? EGGCUPS
Street relatives ROADS
Tall flightless bird EMU
Team morale SPIRIT
Thanksgiving Day events PARADES
The three in an inning? ENS
They annoy the heck out of you PESTS
Type of numeral ROMAN
Units of work ERGS
Utterly rejects REBUKES
Vain displays POMPS
Walking aids CANES
Wee toymaker ELF
Word with "black," "photo" or "covert" OPS
Worthless cleaning cloth RAG
___ of luxury LAP
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