How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 06 2016

"A __ formality!" MERE
"Fresh Air" airer NPR
"I'm going, too!" COUNTMEIN
"Me, too" SODOI
"The African Queen" screenwriter AGEE
"Time flies," e.g ADAGE
"Twelfth Night" countess OLIVIA
"Ye" follower OLDE
Amber, for one RESIN
Another kind of lettuce LEAF
Arctic Blast maker ICEE
Birth announcement abbr LBS
Blow one's own horn BRAG
Blur, as with tears BLEAR
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ALERT
Capitol feature DOME
Chain partner BALL
Charismatic glow AURA
Chucklehead, in Canada HOSER
Clothing closers SNAPS
Congregation's place NAVE
Convey, as a hint DROP
Corp. alias DBA
Deity often depicted unclothed EROS
Deuce beater TREY
Difficult hike TREK
Downhill rides SLEDS
Egg classification LARGE
Flying-related AERO
Give access to ADMIT
Grow to dislike SOURON
Holds a session MEETS
House bid OFFER
Ill-tempered TESTY
In pieces APART
Kind of lettuce BIBB
Many Little League coaches DADS
Medicinal amts TSPS
Melodic sense EAR
More up to the task ABLER
Oft-visited place HAUNT
One on a pedestal IDOL
Outdoor sealant TAR
Pasta sauce brand RAGU
Pasture measure ACRE
Person, place or thing NOUN
Plantain lily HOSTA
Reply to "Still in bed?" IMUP
Restaurant check accompanier, maybe AFTERDINNERMINT
Roster member PLAYER
Roswell sightings, briefly UFOS
Rude dudes CADS
Russian-born artist ERTE
Salamandridae family member NEWT
Sarcastic "Yeah, sure!" IBET
Scandal sheet fill DIRT
Sets, as a price ASKS
Slanderous remark SLUR
Statistics calculation MODE
Stout servings PINTS
Take for a ride SCAM
Talese and Goldin NANS
Tavern round BEERS
Tee on the back nine TENTH
Thomas, "The Soul Queen of New Orleans" IRMA
Under the __ (drawing little attention) RADAR
Vermont ski spot STOWE
Was contingent HINGED
When usage is typically highest DURINGPEAKHOURS
White Cliffs site DOVER
Windows forerunner MSDOS
With "The," 2014 animated film LEGOMOVIE
Wok, for one PAN
__ car (circus prop) CLOWN
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