How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 16 2010

"All I got was this lousy ___" TSHIRT
"Time ___ all wounds" HEALS
Afore's poetic cousin ERE
Altruistic one SHARER
Apartment building safety feature FIREESCAPE
Arab chief's realm SHEIKDOM
Asylum seeker, perhaps EMIGRE
Baby newts EFTS
Bald, as tires WORN
Barely flows SEEPS
Basker's buy SUNGLASSES
Be grandiloquent ORATE
Be the first band to play OPEN
Bear feet PAWS
Bears witness ATTESTS
Between islands ASEA
Big and bright fish OPAH
Big wine valley NAPA
Communist Party member COMRADE
Country on the Persian Gulf IRAN
Crunch abs, e.g. EXERCISE
Dance party with techno RAVE
Deli side dish SLAW
Dog's reward TREAT
Doubt-free SURE
Edible paste MISO
Ending for "hard" or "soft" WARE
Engine wheel CAM
Far from plentiful RARE
Gave off EMITTED
Hindu gods DEVAS
Hope chest material CEDAR
Is comprised (of) CONSISTS
It may cover a wet diamond TARP
Jeans maker Strauss LEVI
Juicy picnic treat WATERMELON
Kitchen absorbers SPONGES
Knock it off CEASE
Lentil dish on an Indian menu DAL
Maiden-name intro NEE
Maroon, like Crusoe ENISLE
Maximum degree (Abbr.) ULT
Mexican coin PESO
Not worth discussing MOOT
Quick-footed SPRY
Quickly, quickly ASAP
Really need a shower REEK
Russian ruler of old TSAR
Sea off Greece IONIAN
See in a crowd ESPY
Service finishes AMENS
Shipping-weight deductions TARES
Singles and jingles SONGS
Sleep-inducing drug OPIATE
Snapple assortment TEAS
Speed demon's cry FASTER
Throws off oppression REVOLTS
Tiny bit to split ATOM
Uniformity EVENNESS
Urban modernization RENEWAL
Utensil for sifting flour SIEVE
Volkswagen model GTI
Wall Street news items MERGERS
Wannabe prince of fairy tales FROG
Word with "generation" or "gender" GAP
Word with "primary" or "intensive" CARE
Words with "high standard" SETA
Work at a fashion shoot POSE
Your brothers, to your father SONS
Yukon or Guam (Abbr.) TERR
Zoroastrian sacred writings AVESTA
___ one's stuff (show off) STRUT
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