How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 08 2011

"Don Giovanni," for example OPERA
"Poly" attachment ESTER
"The Second Coming" poet YEATS
"The ___ Who Loved Me" SPY
1973 Woody Allen movie SLEEPER
A little bit of history ERA
Actor Beatty NED
Alternative to a bare floor RUG
Avail oneself of Vail SKI
Bavarian peak ALP
Bridge coups SLAMS
Cairo's river NILE
Chalky ASHY
Civilian clothes, for a soldier MUFTI
Coal or pine product TAR
Color subtlety HUE
Compare LIKEN
Crossword hint CLUE
Discredit SMIRCH
Disgorges EGESTS
Draw up a new course of action REPLAN
English dish's formula? SHEPHERDSPI
Ersatz silk RAYON
Escalator segment STEP
Faucet annoyance DRIP
Formula for a hearty dinner? TURKEYPOTPI
Formula for a slapstick feature? PIINTHEFACE
Formula of a classic dessert? BLUEBERRYPI
Full of cattails REEDY
Gate locks LATCHES
Girth control methods? DIETS
Go astray ERR
Heap kudos on PRAISE
Indian vegetable dishes DHALS
Kicking bird EMU
Least ornamented SPAREST
Like a contortionist AGILE
Links number PAR
Make an attempt TRY
Muscat citizen OMANI
Not be picky with a guitar? STRUM
Porker's pad PEN
Posh hotel accommodation SUITE
Pre-hanging activity FRAMING
Qatari money RIYAL
Recipe phrase ALA
Revise EDIT
Second-person person YOU
Shrill cry YELP
Sign of April Fool's Day? ARIES
Silver or platinum METAL
Sober and sedate STAID
Soldier under Gen. Lee REB
Some weightlifting moves CURLS
Star on the small side DWARF
Supernova remnants NEBULAS
Swelled head EGO
Take part in a secret joint venture? ELOPE
Tat counterpart TIT
Teacher's favorite PET
Tentacle ARM
The most you can get ALL
Theatrical signal CUE
Topographers MAPPERS
Tropical souvenir LEI
Type measures EMS
Type of black bear ASIATIC
Vin source CRU
Warmish TEPID
Water under le pont EAU
Whip up PUREE
Word on a three-sided sign YIELD
Wrecked beyond repair TOTALED
x, mathwise TIMES
Yellow jacket's defense STING
Zillions SLEWS
___ a deal INKS
___ cotta TERRA
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