How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 17 2018

"About Me" info bio
"Be still!" shh
A Muse urania
A U.S. canal erie
Alaskan transports sleds
Aquatic flower lotus
Author Tolstoy leo
Banjo emanations twangs
Be a bachelor no more wed
Big-time squeezer boa
Bind with string truss
Birch beer, for one soda
Botanical gardens arboreta
Brief preacher? rev
Cartoonist animator
Chum kin pal
Collegiate in "scouters" ute
Combined aggregate
Concerning the moon lunar
Crib user babe
Director Howard ron
Drop jaw gape
English nothing nil
Expose as false debunk
Female graduates alumnae
First lady eve
Fort McHenry defended it baltimoreharbor
Gently mildly
Goofs errs
Hanging decor art
Hankers for yens
Have a sore loser face pout
Humdingers lulus
Husky unit? ear
It gets ground up hoe
It might be propped up set
It's bridged underpass
Letter styles fonts
Letters for strikeouts kays
Like a feather pinnated
Like stereotypical cowboys rugged
Loud noise din
Make an effort try
Many Maine trees pines
Many night lights lamps
Masterful speaker orator
Mixture or blend amalgam
More empty barer
Narrow fish eel
Out-of-the-way way detour
Photo ___ (PR events) ops
Place for 16-Across opera
Plow strip furrow
Powerful suffix est
Put down abash
Puts into service uses
Sign off for hams over
Sleep stage rem
Smart? No, way off dumb
Splicing subject gene
Standards norms
Stuff to delete spam
Succotash ingredient limabean
Sven's kin? lars
Temperature controller thermoregulator
Ticked-off state ire
Turns away averts
Type of seed cover aril
Type of solo aria
Variety show lineup acts
Wander about roam
Way to try from square one? anew
Wheels lender alamorentacar
Wicked biblical city sodom
World War menaces uboats
___ noire (nemesis) bete
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