How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 28 2015

"... as bad as they ___" SEEM
"CHiPs" star Estrada ERIK
"Or ___!" (veiled threat) ELSE
"Render therefore ___ Caesar ..." UNTO
"___ be an honor" ITD
"___ I care!" ASIF
"___ Island" (2008 film) NIMS
A 2 may stand for it (Abbr.) FEB
A deadly sin LUST
Archer's wood YEW
Arrive, as darkness SETIN
Baby foxes KITS
Bag type TOTE
Baseball's "Schoolboy" ROWE
Be in contradiction with BELIE
Become free of moisture DRYUP
Bend like an arch EMBOW
Big fuss HOOHA
Blender setting PUREE
Brews, as tea STEEPS
Business bigwig, briefly EXEC
Buy in a hurry SNAPUP
Car part AXLE
Catania's volcano ETNA
Chilled, in a way ICED
Cold pie ESKIMO
Commercial come-ons ADS
Confidential call PSST
Conger EEL
Cover your tracks? ERASE
Cozy place on a winter's night FIRESIDE
Dandelion, for one WEED
Debts, ledgerwise REDINK
Dec. 24, for one EVE
Disguise parts, sometimes MASKS
Dreaded character OGRE
Emirate inhabitants ARABS
English river to the Trent OUSE
Expressions of disdain UGHS
Fancy leather SUEDE
Fishhook-attaching line SNELL
Flanders on TV NED
Fragrant flowers ROSES
Go on a spree SPEND
Had a home-cooked meal ATEIN
Handbag for needles ETUI
Hunter's prey, sometimes WHITETAILEDDEER
It's just part of an act SCENE
Leonine lair DEN
Like most new TV's STEREO
Like the Sahara SERE
Make a decision OPT
McDonald's board MENU
Melancholy BLUE
Military vehicle TANK
Milkmaid's need PAIL
Money swallower SLOT
More than diet FAST
Not fixable KAPUT
Not secure, as a gem UNSET
Oracle site DELPHI
Over again ANEW
Period of service TERM
Raze (with "down") TEAR
Ready for a vacation? STRESSED
Ready to crash TIRED
Regrets RUES
Send forth EMIT
Some badge flashers FEDS
Some strands in a cell RNA
Sprinkler hookup HOSE
Team supporters FANS
They're used to pitching MARINERS
Well-lubricated OILY
What some take on a tough issue NEUTRALPOSITION
Yellow-and-ebony flowers BLACKEYEDSUSANS
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