How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 26 2015

"Go away, feline!" SCAT
"Let the Sunshine In" musical HAIR
"S"-shaped molding OGEE
"The Nanny" has three of them ENS
"You can't be serious!" NOWAY
A smattering SOME
A way of saying things IDIOM
Aardvark's entree ANTS
Abbr. at the end of a list ETAL
Abnormal breathing RALE
Aggravates ANNOYS
Asian sauces SOYS
Bit of baby talk GOO
Blow it ERR
Bridge positions EASTS
Burglary THEFT
Cardinal number (5th power of 10) LAKH
Catch, as in a net ENMESH
Change ALTER
Charlemagne's capital AACHEN
Clickable image ICON
DEA agent NARC
Dictation taker, briefly STENO
Domino dot PIP
Embarrassing turnout NOONE
Event in a prison movie RIOT
Eyelid trouble STYE
Fast friends PALS
Firefighter's need HOSE
Flower in a pocketful? POSY
Former figure skater Babilonia TAI
From this moment on HENCE
Gladiator's protection SHIELD
Golf platforms TEES
Gull cousin TERN
Hawaiian paste POI
Hebrew month before Nisan ADAR
Horseshoer's workshop SMITHY
Huffy state SNIT
In couch-potato mode IDLE
Inverted "e" SCHWA
Item in a roundup (Var.) DOGY
Its symbol is an omega OHM
Landing gear part TIRE
Make a jailbreak ESCAPE
Microscope parts LENSES
More than one spoke RADII
Mouse wheel function SCROLL
Narrow backstreets ALLEYS
Not evenly divisible by two ODD
Not worth considering TRIFLING
On leave, for a swabbie ASHORE
One for the books? PAGE
Packs down tightly TAMPS
Parker's need SPACE
Part of an audiophile's system MIDRANGESPEAKER
Performs, old-style DOEST
Solar panel unit CELL
Sources of pain SORES
Spacek of the screen SISSY
Spherical hairstyle AFRO
St. Louis 11 RAMS
Stem's opposite STERN
Stepped heavily TROD
Supplemented ADDED
Things to strive for GOALS
Third canonical hour TERCE
Throw in the towel CEDE
To the ___ degree NTH
Toddler's midday event NAP
Unbelievable tale FARFETCHEDSTORY
What some crooks crack SAFES
Where the coin goes SLOT
Word on a price tag EACH
Write-___ (some nominees) INS
___-back (easygoing) LAID
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