How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 15 2014

"Back in the ___" (Beatles song) USSR
"Bed-in" participant Yoko ONO
"Stop, sailor!" AVAST
5-1/2 point type AGATE
A doctor may put you on one LOWSALTDIET
A learned Mann HORACE
A little bit of history ERA
Access the Internet LOGON
All the words in a language LEXIS
Area 51 craft UFO
Be a chair person? SIT
Become the spouse of WED
Bird claw TALON
Boom in "The Right Stuff" SONIC
Borderline EDGE
Broadcast booth sign ONAIR
Buddy in Australia MATE
Campfire treat MARSHMALLOW
Central points GISTS
Certain conifer YEW
Chum PAL
Coat in one's mouth ENAMEL
College sweater letter PSI
Comes as a result ENSUES
Cooking herb OREGANO
Creator of James and Q IAN
Currency of Japan YEN
Do a landscaping chore MOW
Eggs, to a biologist OVA
Engrave with dots STIPPLE
Excessive sternness RIGOR
Fast month, for some RAMADAN
Fruit-filled pastry STRUDEL
Go gadding about ROAM
Group values ETHOS
Habitual ways WONTS
Homecoming attendees ALUMS
How beer may be served ONTAP
In-flight announcement, for short ETA
Industrial city of Germany ESSEN
It keeps hair in place GEL
Kuwait City VIP EMIR
Like Tonto's masked friend LONE
Loyal subject, or city in Belgium LIEGE
Mass, length and speed, to a physicist SCALARS
Momma's partner POPPA
Ne'er-do-well ROGUE
Needle-nosed fish GAR
Nine-piece combo NONET
Olive or sunflower extract OIL
One crying uncle? NEPHEW
One whose style is out of fashion FOGEY
Opens, as a sugar packet RIPS
Opposite of everybody NOONE
Opposite of ruddy WAN
Organic chemical compound ENOL
Parking or odd follower LOT
Piece of personal property CHATTEL
Pipeline attachments PUMPS
Play on words PUN
Put your two cents in, maybe ANTED
Quietly persuasive LOWPRESSURE
Red, white or blue COLOR
River of forgetfulness LETHE
Russian emperor's wife TSARINA
Sawbuck fraction ONE
Shrub with large catkins PUSSYWILLOW
Suffix with "poet" or "hero" ICS
This may be inflated EGO
Uno, ___, tres DOS
Watergate president NIXON
What Sherlock said the game was AFOOT
Word before code or colony PENAL
Word in four other places in this puzzle LOW
Wyoming neighbor IDAHO
Yonder lass SHE
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