How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 03 2002

''Diamonds --- Forever'' (1971) ARE
''Lenore'' author POE
6 on your scorecard SHORTSTOP
A famous Sharon ARIEL
A Musketeer ATHOS
A way to fish TROLL
A way to sell stocks (Abbr.) OTC
Abruptly fail to finish STOPSHORT
Actress Thurman UMA
Also-ran of a famous fable HARE
Archibald and Thurmond of the NBA NATES
Arrange, as a blind date SETUP
Babel had one TOWER
Barbie's boy toy KEN
Be empathetic RELATE
Body of moral values ETHIC
Brit's transport TRAM
Builders' buys LOTS
Cannes brainstorm IDEE
Clarinetists buy them REEDS
Clerical vestment ALB
Cross it (and dot your i's while you're at it) TEE
Feeds the pot ANTES
Fine line on a letter SERIF
Fr. holy woman STE
Free-for-all SETTO
George who was Mary ELIOT
German industrial city ESSEN
Grab the tab TREAT
Grimace SCOWL
Have a little lamb? EAT
Hawke of ''Dead Poets Society'' ETHAN
He acquired over 1,000 patents EDISON
Healthy-horse link ASA
Highway curve ESS
Holiday celebrating an exodus PASSOVER
Insect stage LARVA
It crosses the highway OVERPASS
It may be continental BREAKFAST
It's part of the transition game FASTBREAK
Kennedy and Danson TEDS
Lemon attachment ADE
Libertines RAKES
Made entirely of wood TREEN
Magma exposed LAVA
Mama or Peggy CASS
Meat paste PATE
Middle Eastern ruler EMIR
Natural smoke detector NOSE
Nostrils NARES
Nursery rhyme closer AFTER
One of the Ringling Brothers OTTO
Osiris' wife and sister ISIS
Out like a light ASLEEP
Panorama VISTA
Pelvic bones ILIA
Photographic tints SEPIAS
Postpone for later action TABLE
Pub potable ALE
Raised-eyebrow exclamations OHS
Ruth wore it THREE
Seemingly limitless VAST
Sends forth EMANATES
Sidestep EVADE
Some skeleton parts STERNA
Soup utensil LADLE
Steak --- (raw appetizer) TARTARE
Takes meeting minutes NOTATES
Takes two from Column B OPTS
Tapestry ARRAS
Title for a friar FRA
Transgressions OFFENSES
Treasure's companion TROVE
Valerie Harper character RHODA
Where shirts are lost? CASINO
Why you're still there after four quarters TIE
Wide partner FAR
You may get it after seven years ITCH
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