How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 24 2014

"Do ___ others ..." UNTO
"European" opening INDO
"Sack" starter KNAP
"Smart" guy ALEC
"Star Wars" character Solo HAN
50 percent HALF
An unfledged or nestling hawk EYAS
Another time ANEW
Bad ___ (noted spa) EMS
Barn door attachment HASP
Basilica area APSE
Big or bright thing IDEA
Bondsman's contribution BAIL
Breathing passages NARES
Bring to a near-boil SCALD
Call ___ day ITA
Can't do without NEEDS
Cloud layers STRATA
Composed SEDATE
Confessional admissions SINS
Covenant receptacles ARKS
Crock-pot contents STEW
Crossing the Atlantic ASEA
Cut with small strokes SNIP
Edge of night TWILIGHT
Egyptian farm laborer FELLAH
Exam compositions ESSAYS
Exchange of words SPAT
Famous French impressionist RENOIR
Fumbles for words HAWS
Goatlike antelope SAIGA
Guaranteed winner SHOOIN
Gulf of ___ (Baltic bay) RIGA
In a lavish manner HIGHONTHEHOG
In vogue MODISH
Indian monetary unit PAISA
It may exist among thieves HONOR
Join forces UNITE
Join the navy ENLIST
Kind of iron SHOOTING
Lady's counterpart, briefly GENT
Lake bordering Ontario ERIE
Legacy recipients HEIRS
Light rhythm LILT
Like a lottery winner INTHEMONEY
Like desert growth SERE
Like some dictionaries ABRIDGED
Like some government contracts COSTPLUS
Marsh wader HERON
Material for uniforms CHINO
Meat cut LOIN
Middle Eastern faith ISLAM
Minimal rain DROP
Minimum union wage SCALE
Mouse hazards TRAPS
Name spelled out in a Kinks song LOLA
Nature trails PATHS
Not even a semipro? ANTI
Octopus leg count EIGHT
Pelvis bones ILIA
Play a banjo STRUM
Port of old Rome OSTIA
Prepare clams, perhaps STEAM
Pretzel shapes RODS
Pull along DRAG
Rocks in a tumbler? ICE
Shaving-cream ingredient ALOE
Ship, to a skipper SHE
Show affection (with "on") DOTE
Sitting pretty financially ONEASYSTREET
Spinks who beat Ali LEON
Stein serving ALE
Things in your state TOWNS
Winged ALATE
___ off (angry) TEED
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