How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 14 2016

"Have mercy on me!" e.g PLEA
"Rock of ___" AGES
"Star-Spangled Banner" preposition OER
Abounding RIFE
Actress Sorvino MIRA
Ad placed on windshields, etc. (Var.) FLYER
Anger (with "up") RILE
Bad way to be conceived? ILL
Baltic state capital RIGA
Be sure of KNOW
Below, to poets NEATH
Boast BRAG
Breakfast cereal type BRAN
Cable for a computer ETHERNET
Descended a mountain, in a way RAPPELED
Diner offerings MENUS
Director Howard RON
Director Spike LEE
Doughnut centers HOLES
Drove away, as trespassers RANOFF
Earl Grey and others TEAS
Eating plan DIET
Edible root of the taro EDDO
Eggs, in old Rome OVA
Farmers, at times TILLERS
Fashionable? LATE
Fastener in a gun STAPLE
Flim-___ (cons) FLAMS
Full of backtalk SASSY
Funny Polly Holliday sitcom role FLO
Gator relative CROC
Gumball machine feature SLOT
High school subject AMERICANHISTORY
Highest natural adult male voice TENOR
Hoity-toity CHICHI
Hooded Arctic coat PARKA
It might be pierced LIP
Jacket material SUEDE
Kind of plum SLOE
Library unit SHELF
Lincoln Center production OPERA
Lord's land ESTATE
Majestic pachyderm AFRICANELEPHANT
Mathematical points LOCI
Maximum raise in poker LIMIT
Military base POST
New York island ELLIS
Nothing-matters link ELSE
One getting a pink slip FIREE
Opposite of chaos ORDER
Optometrist's concern EYE
Orders the attack dogs SICS
Parts of a "casa" SALAS
Prearranged situations SETUPS
Rounded molding OVOLO
Salad topping choice ITALIANDRESSING
Satan's forte EVIL
Semi-sheer material VOILE
Small needle case ETUI
Square dancer, at times REELER
Study at the last minute CRAM
Successful candidate ELECTEE
Suffix with "high" or "low" EST
Suffix with "sight" or "over" SEER
This date TODAY
Tourist city in India AGRA
Trees for archers' bows YEWS
Trot and canter, for two GAITS
Troubadour's instrument LUTE
Type of jet LEAR
Violated a commandment LIED
Wear away gradually ERODE
Winter bugs? FLUS
Worshipped thing IDOL
X-ray dose unit RAD
___-serif (type style) SANS
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