How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 02 2003

"Old Smokey" start ONTOPOF
"Picnic" playwright INGE
ABA member ATT
AC measure BTU
Actress Garr TERI
Addams Family cousin ITT
Almost forever EONS
American painters' family name PEALE
Ananias, e.g. LIAR
Archer's need BOW
Associated with the moon LUNAR
Attack an adversary, verbally RAILAT
Beachgoer's acquisition TAN
Beachgoer's aid OIL
Beachgoer's top, sometimes BRA
Bear's order SELL
Before, before ERE
Birds that may be spotted OWLS
Boston suburb WOBURN
Bush, notably TEXAN
Chicago paper, briefly TRIB
College credit UNIT
Consume DEVOUR
Cooking or sewing term BASTE
Corn holder COB
Course climax EXAM
Directs STEERS
Disheveled RAGTAG
Drive erratically WEAVE
Fairy tale villain OGRE
Fencer's tool EPEE
Fences the loot ABETS
Fourth tones FAS
Get off here STOP
Gift recipient DONEE
Having fewer morals LAXER
He starred with Crosby HOPE
Holy Roman emperor OTTO
Hot spot, at times OVEN
Hot weather wear TSHIRTS
Interpretation type LITERAL
It has a horn and charges TAXI
It joins the Saône at Lyons RHONE
Like a hedgehog SPINY
Lowest high tide NEAP
Madrid zoo attraction OSO
Masseuse's milieu SPA
Obtains GETS
Offer reparation ATONE
Pauperism NEED
Perceived SENSED
Pleased sound OOH
Pointed end? DEE
Presentation type ORAL
Quest objective GRAIL
Quick and graceful AGILE
Situate POSIT
Spill the beans BLAB
Squeaky clean character? SNOWWHITE
Starlets' quests ROLES
Striplings LADS
Suggestion starter AUTO
Table linens NAPERY
Teatime treat SCONE
Tex-Mex "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" singer AMBERROSE
The Gem State IDAHO
The shortest distances between points BEELINES
Threw easily LOBBED
Toothpick object, sometimes PIMENTOOLIVE
Toupee RUG
Where some may be found after a long drive PUTTINGGREEN
Words with jiffy or pig's eye INA
___ culpa MEA
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