How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 26 2014

"As if that weren't enough..." ALSO
"Dame" Everage EDNA
"Do ___ others . . ." UNTO
"Fargo" yes YAH
"Happy Days" surname CUNNINGHAM
"Macbeth" quintet ACTS
"See ya," in Pisa CIAO
"The Boy Who Cried Wolf" fabulist AESOP
"The Iliad" character AJAX
"Wild blue yonder" org USAF
"You never know. . ." MAYBE
"___ Johnny!" (Ed McMahon line) HERES
8th mo AUG
A tide NEAP
Active TV? ONSET
Actor Banderas ANTONIO
After the deadline LATE
Age measurement YEARS
Arabian Peninsula port ADEN
Athlete's shirt JERSEY
Ballerina's skirt TUTU
Bear with cold food MAMA
Bird-feeder filler SEEDS
Blacken on the grill CHAR
Brinker with silver skates HANS
Buttery bun BRIOCHE
Cal. closer DEC
Change course TURN
Command from the king EDICT
Cornfield pest CROW
Croaking voice RASP
Daisy Mae's beau ABNER
Dedication in verse ODE
Explorer for whom America is named VESPUCCI
Flaky mineral MICA
Florida marsh bird EGRET
Geographic feature HILL
Get cracking BEGIN
Get involved with, as one's business GOABOUT
Give off radiation EMIT
Government suppression of the press CENSORSHIP
Hindu noble RANI
Indefinitely great number MYRIAD
Interstate sign EXIT
Julia of "The Addams Family" RAUL
Kind of snake ADDER
Lacking color WAN
Legal scholar JURIST
Like a catching-up letter NEWSY
Like some cows or vows SACRED
Long TD passes BOMBS
Manitoba natives CREES
Maple product SAP
Muscat native ARAB
National League team CINCINNATI
Navy cell BRIG
One with more than 15 minutes of fame CELEB
Open some AJAR
Passport endorsements VISAS
Prefix for while ERST
Resort spot off Venezuela ARUBA
Shrek, for one OGRE
Simon Cowell's old show, familiarly IDOL
Source of unexpected problems CANOFWORMS
Strong and healthy HALE
Sun-baked brick ADOBE
Sunny vacation spot ISLE
Takes in marriage ESPOUSES
Teen meeting place HANGOUT
TV maker no more RCA
Unable to react, as helium INERT
Vending machine feature SLOT
Venomous snakes ASPS
Visit for a second time RESEE
Word before maiden names NEE
___ Anglais (oboe relative) COR
___ Blanc, highest of the Alps MONT
___ Lanka SRI
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