How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 21 2013

"Best in Show" org AKC
"Evening in Byzantium" novelist Irwin SHAW
"From Here to Eternity" actress Deborah KERR
"I Just Wanna Stop" singer Vannelli GINO
"When ___ said and done ..." ALLIS
1499 marble masterpiece PIETA
A lumberjack, at times SAWER
Abbr. after a name in a bibliography ETAL
Ace on a par three EAGLE
Alaska's purchaser SEWARD
Always EVER
Amusement park annoyance LINE
Angry talk RANT
Away from land SEAWARD
Best man's charge RING
Big party GALA
Biological eggs OVA
Blacksmith's attribute BRAWN
Bread choice WHOLEWHEAT
Broadcasting now ONAIR
Brownish songbird WREN
Chinese appetizers EGGROLLS
Comedian Anderson LOUIE
Comparatively right-minded SANER
Cringe in fear COWER
Dating from birth NATAL
Disavow DENY
Distort, as figures SKEW
Do-it-yourselfer's aid KIT
Doesn't use good penmanship SCRAWLS
Editing "never minds" STETS
Emulates a seamstress SEWS
Expand, as a business GROW
Expand, as a highway WIDEN
Fades or declines EBBS
Fades to the back of the pack LAGS
Fold under pressure BREAK
Genetic cell material RNA
Having renown NOTED
Hollywood clashers EGOS
Is overly attentive FUSSES
Isle of ___ (part of Cambridgeshire, England) ELY
It can help you reach the next level RUNG
Items in a caddie's load IRONS
Lacking muscle WEAK
Late newscaster Sevareid ERIC
Length x width, for a rectangle AREA
Loyal TRUE
Lynda Carter role WONDERWOMAN
Moan and groan BEWAIL
Most insightful KEENEST
Operatic performance ARIA
Petroleum plant REFINERY
Place for fanciful notions WISHINGWELL
Port between Buffalo and Cleveland ERIE
Razorbacks SWINE
Requiring first aid HURT
Rich vein LODE
Roseanne and family, on TV CONNERS
Roundish OVATE
Schnozzola SNOOT
Sound of distaste UGH
Sports facilities STADIA
Store employee CLERK
String neckties BOLOS
Sun's spot, in the morning EAST
Swear by (with "on") RELY
Trig ratio SINE
Two-pointers in Scrabble DEES
Utility in Monopoly WATERWORKS
Vatican City currency EURO
Well-versed in UPON
Went underwater SWAM
What langlaufers do SKI
What push comes to SHOVE
Why to stay after the fourth quarter TIE
Word of good cheer? RAH
Zero-wheeled vehicle SLED
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