How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 17 2019

"Fish Magic" painter Paul klee
"James and the Giant Peach" author dahl
"The Addams Family" cousin itt
"The School of Athens" painter raphael
*Dunce chowderhead
*Looking for a fight pugnacious
*Person you have chemistry with labpartner
*Sam Spade's quest in a 1941 film maltesefalcon
*Underwear choice boxershorts
Abominable snowman yeti
Activist Chavez cesar
Affixed, as a patch ironedon
Anglo-___ (early British people) saxons
Appears seems
Art school subj anat
Broad neck scarf ascot
By hand manually
By oneself alone
Care for, as a garden tend
Celsius scale measure heat
Cross word? walk
Damp wet
Decompose rot
Deleted erased
Econ. health statistic gnp
Edge of a shirt hem
Edith who sang "La Vie en Rose" piaf
Employ use
Even a kid can beat one pinata
Exam test
Explode erupt
Explosive stuff tnt
Favorable vote yea
Fence entryway gate
Fleur-de-___ (var.) lys
Food scraps (hidden backward in "minestrone") orts
Former TV host Griffin merv
French red wine medoc
Freudian self ego
Fuss ado
Geese formation vee
Goes from vote to veto? anagrams
Golf course ride cart
Greeted with deference bowedto
Head honcho, or a hint to the starred answers topdog
Horror film street elm
Inc., overseas ltd
iPhone assistant siri
Irrational art movement dada
Job announcement letters eeo
Lemon of the '50s edsel
Manufacturer's payback rebate
McFlurry cookie oreo
Mini golf average par
Novelist Susan sontag
November 11 honoree veteran
On a grand scale epic
Peter, Paul and Mary, e.g trio
Pint parts, briefly ozs
Put on don
Radiate, like charm ooze
Rake relative hoe
Red deer stags harts
San Diego County resort city coronado
Smelter's need ore
Solo who said "Laugh it up, fuzzball!" han
Soothe allay
Sprinted ran
Start again resume
Terse confession idid
The New Yorker piece essay
Time-sensitive urgent
Took to court sued
Treating cruelly meanto
Wears down erodes
Western ___ (coll. course) civ
Work incessantly toil
___ mode ala
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