How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 07 2012

"'Scuse me?" HUH
"... a man Bojangles and ___ dance for you" HED
"... nor ___ of night..." GLOOM
"About the author" pieces BIOS
"Agreed!" YES
"All bets ___ off" ARE
"Batman" butler ALFRED
"Captain Blood" star Flynn ERROL
"Children Playing" sign word SLOW
"Close Encounters of the Third Kind" sightings UFOS
"Coast" or "tower" preceder IVORY
"Every child. One voice." org PTA
"Everybody Loves Raymond" actress Roberts DORIS
"Homo," for humans GENUS
"Hot," as loot STOLEN
"I see," at sea AYE
"If it's all the ___ to you ..." SAME
"Jaws" resort AMITY
"Runaround Sue" singer DION
A drawbridge may span one MOAT
Able to bear FERTILE
Accumulate for later use HOARD
Affront OFFEND
African plant ALOE
Amusement park racing vehicle GOKART
Angle measurement RADIAN
Apple chemical banned in the 1980s ALAR
Arena equipment AMPS
Art student's prop EASEL
Attempt STAB
Baneful spell HEX
Banshee's cry HOWL
Beyond chubby OBESE
Bloodsucking annoyance FLEA
Boss on a shield UMBO
By means of VIA
Caffeine-rich nuts KOLAS
Cars for hire CABS
Cause for stitches GASH
Cause of getting stuck MIRE
Common article THE
Curved high-back bench EXEDRA
Dismantle, as a sailing vessel UNRIG
Easy basket TIPIN
Egglike OVATE
Ends' counterparts ODDS
Glamour competitor ALLURE
Heaviest U.S. president TAFT
Hermann who wrote "Steppenwolf" HESSE
Hipbone parts ILIA
Hoedown lady GAL
Ill-starred lady of Celtic legend DEIRDRE
Kind of sax ALTO
Long-winded one GASBAG
Menial worker DRUDGE
Motorcycle attachments SIDECARS
Nation made up of more than 1,000 islands MALDIVES
New Haven college student ELI
Openly resisted DEFIED
Palm smartphone introduced in 2002 TREO
Place for memos and such BULLETINBOARD
Plant with sword-shaped leaves IXIA
Platforms for choirs RISERS
Plucky courage MOXIE
Samuel Adams product BEER
Sentimental drivel GOO
Speeder catcher RADAR
That alternative? THIS
They may get you off the grid SOLARPANELS
Took a tumble FELL
Unpleasant sensation PAIN
Using a skillet FRYING
Walking with a sprained ankle, e.g GIMPY
Zero, in soccer NIL
___-track mind ONE
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