How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 03 2019

"Now!" letters asap
"Party in the ___" (Miley Cyrus hit) usa
"Welcome to Maui!" aloha
"Young Sheldon" network cbs
*Fitting compliment? thatssoyou
*Fun winery event grapestomp
*Teaching job interview parts demolessons
*With ramifications atacost
Actor Baldwin alec
Alleviates eases
Arial, for one font
Auction units lots
Barnyard mom ewe
Beautician's workplace salon
Before now ago
Chapter in history era
Class of '18 member, e.g grad
College period term
Coupe or sedan auto
Crystal-lined stone geode
Currency in Cancun peso
Defeats bests
Droop, as a couch sag
Earsplitting noise din
End of a long journey lastleg
English assignments essays
Extreme anger rage
Fast fashion, hit songs, etc popculture
Give up, as land cede
Granola ingredients oats
Graphic shirt tee
Infield cover tarp
Ingredient for success, or what's hidden in each starred answer secretsauce
Itsy-bitsy teeny
Jack who would eat no fat sprat
Kotb of "Today" hoda
Laugh gleefully chortle
Lets loose frees
Like cold tea iced
Like freshly applied nail polish wet
Like many roads paved
Little chaps lads
Livestock enclosure pen
Made a blunder erred
McCartney and McKellen sirs
McGregor of "Christopher Robin" ewan
Mecca pilgrimage haj
Oblong tomato roma
Of the flock laic
Pale-looking pasty
Played a role acted
Plus column entry asset
Potter's lightning bolt, e.g scar
Really enjoys eatsup
Regular guy averagejoe
Reynolds Wrap maker alcoa
Sample, as food taste
Scary "2001" computer hal
Self-referential, informally meta
Single-masted boat sloop
Sister brand of Chips Ahoy! oreo
Some cameras: Abbr slrs
Substitute for replace
SZA's record label rca
Texter's "Just sayin'" imo
Top of a wave crest
Toto, for Dorothy pet
Turkey ___ (annual run) trot
Unprocessed rock ore
Vigilant onalert
Weigh station visitors semis
Welcomed at the door sawin
Wood in some yachts larch
Word that bookends "chew the fat" chat
Yappy dog, briefly pom
Yelp review symbol star
___ by the rules abide
___ legend urban
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