How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Sep 29 2016

'Happy Birthday' writer, often ICER
'Le Surrealisme, c'est moi' speaker DALI
'Porphyria's Lover' poet RTBROWNING
'The Last Ship' network TNT
'Those Magic Changes' musical GREASE
1972 Bill Withers hit USEME
Adjudge DEEM
Arthur Miller's '___ From the Bridge' AVIEW
Attire for just about everywhere PANTS
Attire for the boardroom SUIT
Attire for the courtroom ROBE
Attire for the slopes PARKA
Bird with a booming mating call EMU
Break out ERUPT
Burundi's northern neighbor RWANDA
Church key obviator POPTOP
Coins replaced by euros bearing King Juan Carlos I's image PESETAS
Consult professionally SEE
Cubs outfielder Jorge SOLER
Destination for les vacanciers ILE
Destination for los vacacionistas ISLA
Didn't return KEPT
Didn't stand pat DREW
Dolphins uniform color AQUA
Drake offering RAP
Drive sites TEES
Durable fabric SERGE
Empty talk GAS
Feature of the gardens at Versailles GROTTO
Four-book work by Horace ODES
Game played on a six-spoke board TRIVIALPUR
George W. Bush, self-descriptively UNITER
Groundsman, at times PRUNER
Had the know-how to COULD
Hall of Fame shortstop Aparicio LUIS
Holmes's 'speckled band,' e.g ADDER
House position SEAT
IJsselmeer sights DIKES
Impressive success ECLAT
Lateral opening EQUI
Life line setting PALM
Like feed bags TIEDON
Many co-op residents OWNEROCCU
Mass communication? LATIN
Miami-to-NYC heading NNE
Minuscule amount MITE
Mortarboard tosser GRAD
Negotiating goal DEAL
Number of stripes on the flag of Deutschland DREI
Old register reading NOSALE
One might be next to a train station NDRIDELOT
Ordered, quaintly BADE
Oscar-nominated part for Smith ALI
Outlawed organochlorine DDT
Pinkish shade ROSE
Pinkish shade CORAL
Potluck, perhaps SUPPER
Potter's need SOIL
Remove unnecessary parts from STRIPDOWN
Rural power org TVA
Section of a Risk board containing 12 territories ASIA
Settled PAID
Showers in January SLEETS
Slightly ABIT
Solar envelope CORONA
Spiced (up) LIVENED
Sweet-and-salty nibble BEERNUT
Terry feature LOOPS
The triceps is anchored to it ULNA
The USA's trains at Copper Mountain SKITEAM
Theater honor since 1956 OBIE
There are several in 'The Wizard of Oz' DUALROLES
Tiny tunneler ANT
Vestibule setting EAR
Works on one's plumage PREENS
Worshiper of the creator Viracocha INCA
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