How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Oct 19 2012

'All My Children' role ERICA
'Friends' star's twin who rents apartments? LEASERKUDROW
'Give it ___!' AREST
'Hmmm...' LETSSEE
'Lady Marmalade' group LABELLE
'Picnic' playwright INGE
'Spiffy!' NEATO
'The Clan of the Cave Bear' heroine AYLA
'Three Sisters' sister OLGA
'___ had it!' IVE
A bit of cheer RAH
Action actor's twin in silks? JOCKEYCHAN
Actor's thieving twin? ROBBERDENIRO
Actor's twin who's good at paperwork? CLERKGABLE
Aerodynamics studier Ernst MACH
Altoids buys TINS
Auto option SEDAN
Barbecue tool IGNITER
Barnstorming maneuver ROLL
Be on the board? SURF
Before, in ballades ERE
Bewildered ATSEA
Billionaire Icahn CARL
Biol. and chem SCIS
Bit of frisking PAT
Boat body HULL
Boutros Boutros-___ GHALI
Bubbly brand MOET
Call ender, at times OFFBUTTON
Capital midway between Haifa and Odessa ANKARA
Capital of Lombardia MILANO
Captain Picard's first officer RIKER
Cash conclusion IER
Clifton of 'Laura' WEBB
Coffee dispenser URN
Commemorative writing ODE
Compare favorably to RIVAL
Corp. bigwig PRES
Counting rhyme starter EENIE
Cracked AJAR
Croatian leader? SERBO
Crone HAG
Deli device SLICER
Deli display MEATS
Demonstrates audacity DARES
Do-___ (desperate) ORDIE
Egg cream ingredient SODAWATER
Elemental unit ATOM
Emmy winner Ward SELA
Enzyme suffix ASE
Explorer John and actress Charlotte RAES
Explosive experiment HTEST
F-14 fighter jet TOMCAT
Fidel's successor RAUL
Film star's twin who works on a movie set? CAMERAMANDIAZ
Flightless bird of South America RHEA
Force followers JEDI
Funny person AMUSER
Go bad ROT
Group of players CAST
Half a state name RHODE
Hoary OLD
Home to 'A Prairie Home Companion' STPAUL
Hurler Hershiser OREL
Impressive work OPUS
Invalidate ANNUL
Iron man PRESSER
Island on which Homer is said to be buried IOS
It often pauses a game ESCAPEKEY
JFK alternative LGA
Leaves in hot water TEA
Like a trio of rhyme INATUB
Like Death's dart, to Shakespeare EBON
Like some flaws FATAL
Like tepees CONICAL
Link lines URLS
Logan of '60 Minutes' LARA
Marcia's 'Desperate Housewives' role BREE
Mark's replacement EURO
Migraine attack precursors AURAE
Mob scenes RIOTS
Monaco moniker NOM
More flaky DOTTIER
Movie reviewer's royal twin? RAJAHEBERT
Mower maker TORO
Mudder who likes fodder RACEHORSE
Name in daytime talk ELLEN
Nijo Castle setting KYOTO
No longer a minor OFAGE
Not a nice film SCUM
Offend olfactorily REEK
One of a human's 24 RIB
Orange tuber YAM
Othello, e.g MOOR
Outmoded oath FIE
Overnight stop INN
Panasonic portable audio line EWEAR
PayPal parent EBAY
Picked from a lineup IDED
Picket line pariah SCAB
Place to get a belt DOJO
Play stations ARCADES
Promising ROSY
Road holder TREAD
Saloon fixture ALETAP
Sambuca's sibling OUZO
San Francisco's ___ Hill NOB
Seldom-stocked shoe size EEE
Set forth POSED
Shabbat destination SHUL
Shimmering stones OPALS
Shrivel WIZEN
Singer's suit-altering twin? TAILORSWIFT
Singer's twin who makes the cut? BARBERSTREISAND
Slow-motion discipline TAICHI
Sow sound OINK
Stoned, in a way ONPOT
Super Bowl XLVI champs THEGIANTS
Swing around SLUE
Take to a higher power CUBE
Tennis great's published twin? AUTHORASHE
Teutonic two ZWEI
The rite place ALTAR
Three-time Indy winner Bobby UNSER
Travel restrictions? SEATBELTS
Twin of a Tom Hanks character who makes wedding arrangements? FLORISTGUMP
Two-time Indy winner Luyendyk ARIE
Tycoon Turner TED
Wagner in Cooperstown HONUS
Weightlifting move JERK
What's left ESTATE
Wine-serving twin of a fictional mouse? STEWARDLITTLE
Words after 'You must remember this' AKISS
Words from Dr. Watson ISAY
Yellowstone resident ELK
___ humains (people, in Paris) ETRES
___-Coeur (Paris basilica) SACRE
___-wip REDDI
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