How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 27 2015

'A Scandal in Bohemia' author DOYLE
'Hannah and Her Sisters' Oscar winner CAINE
'In all likelihood...' IASSUME
'La Dolce Vita' star EKBERG
'Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving' source PSALMS
'___ O'Riley' BABA
1956 veep candidate Kefauver ESTES
2001 Robert Redford/Brad Pitt thriller SPYGAME
America's second-largest labor org SEIU
Assimilate, in Israel HEBRAIZE
Barenaked Ladies hit, or how long it topped the charts in 1998 ONEWEEK
Bath people BRITONS
Blue crew POLICE
Brain protectors CRANIA
Brother of Ari Emanuel RAHM
Classic Buick LESABRE
County in seven states, named for a Revolutionary War hero PULASKI
Depending on how ya look at it SORTA
Device with blips SONAR
Dumbfound AWE
Fills the time slot of, as a TV show AIRSAT
First son of Seth ENOS
Food served with lime wedges PADTHAI
Forfeit, e.g LOSS
Former American rival TWA
Gardener's sci HORT
Golf legend Ben HOGAN
Hold up ROB
Hollywood celeb whose surname is unnecessary ZSAZSA
Howard or Paul RON
Ice cream parlor choice SUNDAE
Ice cream parlor choice SUGARCONE
It's worth 30 points on a Triple Letter Score ZTILE
Its North Shore is famous for its surfing OAHU
Japanese for 'living flowers' IKEBANA
Kobe robe KIMONO
Mayim of 'The Big Bang Theory' BIALIK
Neighborhood business, or a hint to finding the contest answer CORNERSTORE
Nissan navigator GPS
Obama's labor secretary from 2009 to 2013 SOLIS
Olympic skating champ of 1928, 1932 and 1936 HENIE
Overcharge GOUGE
Pamper, as somebody's ego STROKE
Pizza sauce ingredient OREGANO
Play loud BLARE
Prepare to kiss SAYIDO
Problems for podiatrists CORNS
Put in a thermos, say KEEPHOT
Quieted squeaks OILED
Rival of Ben and Marco DONALD
Secretarial position DESK
Singer who was a cousin of Neil Sedaka GORME
Skilled craftsmen SMITHS
Solve a knot UNTIE
Some passenger planes DCS
Some sports cars GTS
Sound of reproach CLUCK
Spiritual emblem TOTEM
Spooky pair in the dark CATSEYES
Take ___ day ASICK
TD scorers RBS
They need oxygen AEROBES
Time for egg rolls EASTER
Unfamiliar ALIEN
Upper-right key DELETE
Vegetable often stir-fried SNOWPEA
Win by ___ ANECK
Without dissent ASONE
Words shouted on TV HIMOM
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