How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 21 2015

'30 Rock' character LIZL
'Fresh Air' broadcaster NPR
'Pygmalion' penner SHAW
'You're wrong!' ITISNTSO
1954 sci-fi classic THEM
1997 title role for 53-Down ULEE
2012 Seth MacFarlane movie TED
A good day to dye EASTER
Affluent area outside a city EXURB
Ali style ROPDOPE
Alpha rhythm readout, for short EEG
An attorney may follow it PAPERTRAIL
Aspiring J.D.'s hurdle LSAT
Assessment LEVY
Basketry fiber ISTLE
Battle of Normandy town STLO
Belgrade native SERBIAN
Bellyache MOAN
Blue-and-white shark MAKO
Branch location? ELM
Bright lipstick shade CRED
Butter up COMPLNT
Canterbury coins PENCE
Carrying cargo LADEN
Cheese with blue-green veins GORGONZOLA
Chewing the fat GABBING
Civil War song from which 'Love Me Tender' was adapted AURALEE
Colorado resort VAIL
Company that recalled 'unintentionally transparent' yoga pants LULUL
Compressed SED
Continue, as an uncontrolled fire RAGEON
Crude dwellings HUTS
Cyberannoyance SPAM
Diligent pupil STUDIER
Dodge City marshal EARP
Donald Duck duds SAILORSUIT
Encouraging word TRY
English channel BBC
English poet Edith SITWELL
Exactly TOATEE
Exhibiting bad posture SLOUCHY
Fall, and this puzzle's theme HARVESTTIME
Fertile soil LOAM
First name in stunts EVEL
Flammable solvent ETHER
Four-walled sporting site SCOURT
Gets cozy SNUGGLES
Give a little SAG
Give the boot OUST
Go ___ great length ONAT
Grammy winner for her 'Criminal' FIONAA
Hardy grains RYES
Highly seasoned stew RAGOUT
Hits and runs STATS
Houston hrs CST
In a magnificent manner SUBLLY
Is behind OWES
Island nation east of the Philippines PALAU
It makes a lovely setting SILVER
Its capital is Luanda ANGOLA
Jazz bassist Charles MINGUS
Jets and Sharks, e.g TEAMS
Katy Perry's 'I Kissed ___' AGIRL
Kidney-related RENAL
Kilmer of 'Top Gun' VAL
Lab sound? ARF
Lariat part NOOSE
Late lunch hour TWO
Like most wedding attire DRESSY
Like thrift shop merchandise USED
Lines in Penn Sta RRS
Low interest indicator YAWN
Maker of Cinnamon Chalet tea TAZO
Maker of Diet Trop-A-Rocka Tea SNA
Metal containers? ORES
Model builder's purchase KIT
Model Carla married to Nicolas Sarkozy BRUNI
More bohemian ARTIER
NBA great Frazier WALT
Negotiating goals DEALS
Neighbor of Little Italy SOHO
Obsidian source LAVA
Old FDA guideline USRDA
One of the Fondas PETER
Online matchmaker EDATE
Opposed to, in Appalachia AGIN
Order maintainer RULEOFLAW
Org. with ergonomic standards OSHA
Pacific state EASE
Parquetry features INLAYS
Passions ARDORS
Perp zapper TASER
Plan detail SPEC
Polygraph exciter LIE
Potential pipe CCOB
Prefix meaning 'arrangement' TAXO
Recess NOOK
Rock's Motley ___ CRUE
Role for Bea MAUDE
Rubber production? GENIE
Sandwiches topped with tzatziki GYROS
Schoolboy collars ETONS
Schoolteacher of yore MARM
Screw up MISDO
Screws up ERRS
Scrooge's fault AVAR
Season of some Tours tours ETE
Sheldon's sitcom roommate LEONARD
Shown again REPTED
Slammers at sea BRIGS
Spa offering PEEL
Space sage YODA
Sporting competition MEET
Sportscast feature REPLAY
Sprint Cup org NASCAR
Stable sound NEIGH
Stand for things? ETAGERE
Staves off AVERTS
Steel producer of Germany RUHRVALLEY
Sticker shock source PRTAG
Stock identifiers EARTAGS
Subject of a George Washington legend CTREE
Sudden flight LAM
Take out, in a way ERASE
Takeout packet CATSUP
Tapestry creatures UNICS
Target of some donation drives ALUM
They cover all the bases TARPS
They may be stroked EGOS
They'll show you how to swing COURSEPROS
To be, in Toledo ESTAR
Tot's cry MAMA
Tot's cry DADA
Validate again, in a way RESTAMP
Will of 'Jeremiah Johnson' GEER
Work ___ sweat UPA
Yet again ANEW
Yoga practitioner's need MAT
Your, in France VOS
___'acte ENTR
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