How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 17 2015

'Casablanca' character ILSA
'Coldest drink in town' brand ICEE
'Let's see you do better!' TOPTHAT
'People Got to Be Free' band, with 'The' RASCALS
'Watch out for that tree!' TIMBER
'Zip it!' SHH
'___ by any other name...' AROSE
31-Down, e.g ABBR
Aretha's specialty SOUL
Ash Carter's org DOD
ATL and LAX, for two HUBS
Author Ferber EDNA
Bibliography bit ETAL
Big name in chips INTEL
Caramel-filled candy ROLO
Check out TEST
Civilian's opportunity to accompany a trooper RIDEALONG
Color TV pioneer RCA
Court org NBA
Dermatological problem ACNE
Disagreeable necessity ONUS
Drive through Beverly Hills RODEO
First king of Israel SAUL
Fork-tailed seabird TERN
Frozen expanses TUNDRAS
German industrial city ESSEN
Get smart LEARN
Give a Bronx cheer to RAZZ
Give an edge to HONE
Gone from the plate EATEN
Hand sanitizer additive ALOE
Home to crawfish BAYOU
Homer exclamation DOH
Ill-fated escapee from Crete ICARUS
iPhone assistant SIRI
Item supported by andirons LOG
Its official lang. is Portuguese BRAZ
Lager's kin BLONDEALE
Le Sueur legume PEA
Letter resembling a trident PSI
Londoner's last letter ZED
Maiden name indicator NEE
Make it to first base GETAHIT
Male deer STAG
Mediterranean or Mayo Clinic, e.g DIET
Meter reading USAGE
Nightstand noisemakers BEDSIDEALARMS
On one's guard ALERT
Participant in a lively dance REELER
Prattles on YAKS
Reacts to a bad call BOOS
Saldana of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' ZOE
Setup for a slam dunk ALLEYOOP
Sight from the Golden Gate Bridge BAY
Skater's figure EIGHT
Some are outstanding DEBTS
Sound from a pound ARF
Stock holder? BARN
Stocked, as a cargo plane LADEN
Straying from the course ERRANT
Summer's end? TOTAL
Surface EMERGE
Tangelo variety UGLI
The 17,000-carat Olympic Australis is the largest ever found OPAL
The Wright brothers' first successful plane was made of it SPRUCE
They often receive blessings SNEEZES
Time of enlightenment? SUNRISE
Titan for whom a North African mountain range is named ATLAS
Undoing adverb NOT
Unenthusiastic, as a reception TEPID
Utterly exhausted DEAD
Wedding dress shade ECRU
Where groceries are gratis FOODBANK
Yukon Quest racer SLED
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