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Wall Street Journal Mar 26 2016

'Buenas ___' NOCHES
'Do I need to draw you ___?' AMAP
'Do you want to suck Putin's blood?' reply? MOSQUITONYET
'Inception' director NOLAN
'The Grapes of Wrath' group OKIES
'The Music Man' setting IOWA
'The Volcano Lover' writer SONTAG
'Well, ___-di-dah!' LAH
'When We Were Young' singer ADELE
1960 film starring and directed by John Wayne THEALAMO
1996 Greg Kinnear movie DEARGOD
2013 film whose title refers to a computer operating system HER
African serpent ASP
Agoraphobe's anathema OPENAREA
Amazon warehouse worker PACKER
Annoyed expressions MOUES
Appeared SEEMED
Audition for a fly-fishing job? BROOKTRYOUT
Bad mark STIGMA
Bankers Solomon and James LOEBS
Beaker, for one MUPPET
Blair's party LABOUR
Blanc's opposite NOIR
Blue Sky Basin location VAIL
Booking agents? COPS
Brewpub offering ALE
British tabloid bit RUMOUR
Cabochon stone OPAL
Card between dame and as ROI
Catchall abbr ETAL
Cattle call MOO
Cheerios box word OAT
Chef Pepin JACQUES
Clandestine meeting TRYST
Combs nickname DIDDY
Cribbage board piece PEG
Cry from a commercial cockroach RAID
Culmination ACME
Dead cellphones and the like EWASTE
Deer's leap across a less-traveled route? BYROADJUMP
Disbeliever's cry LIAR
Eclipse, e.g OMEN
Encircling route BELTWAY
Enlightened exclamation AHA
Etouffee ingredient CRAWDAD
Exfoliating lotion SCRUB
Fed's target MOB
Fed's worry CRASH
Fertile spots OASES
French toast SALUT
Frosted Flakes box word CORN
Garner REAP
Garner AMASS
Generous order at the bar ROUND
Geoffrey Rush's 'Quills' role SADE
Gift from a beau ROSE
Glazier's goo PUTTY
Guise for a fairy tale wolf GRANNY
He follows Jimmy on NBC SETH
Honey bunches? SWARMS
How a blooper is hit WEAKLY
It stirs things up SPOON
Jack of 'Barney Miller' SOO
Judge DEEM
Learn to live with ADAPTTO
Lens holders RIMS
Lightweight boxer? PUP
Like poltergeists NOISY
Like some Internet speeds CAPPED
Like some planning URBAN
Like the null set EMPTY
Longest-running team in baseball's Negro Leagues MONARCHS
Loretta's portrayer in 'Coal Miner's Daughter' SISSY
Luxury resort amenities SPAS
Make a long story short ABRIDGE
Maker of Wayfarers RAYBAN
Making duplicates of pages of adages? COPYINGSAWS
Mammoth hunt weapons SPEARS
Massage akin to acupuncture SHIATSU
Memorial mounds of stones CAIRNS
Ninny's lack SENSE
No-cal drink for members of a secret syndicate? SPYRINGWATER
Not great but not terrible SOSO
Not polluted SOBER
Not speaking to, perhaps MADAT
Noted fitness guru LALANNE
Novelist's output PROSE
Object of worship in the Basilica di San Pietro DIO
Old schoolhouse sights SLATES
Optometrist's concern EYECARE
Oscar nominee for 'Exodus' SALMINEO
Partner of 47-Across GLOOM
Partner of 75-Down DOOM
Peak whose name means 'I burn' ETNA
Pennsylvania city that's Crayola's headquarters EASTON
Porgy's love BESS
Prepare for more firing RELOAD
President overthrown by Amin OBOTE
Princess Charlotte's great-aunt ANNE
Principled MORAL
Pulitzer-winning Ernie PYLE
Put forward OPINE
Queen who lived in New York City ELLERY
Rehab enrollee USER
Remainder REST
Response to 'I have to be going now' SOSOON
Responsibility ONUS
Rods' counterparts CONES
Runner in the Olympics SKI
Salalah resident OMANI
Salesmen for an online commerce company? PAYPALDELEGATES
Savory taste UMAMI
Sean who played Samwise Gamgee ASTIN
Sell out RATON
Shade alternative DRAPES
Sister of Amy, Beth and Jo MEG
Site of courses on horses? BARNYARDCOLLEGE
Sitting on ATOP
Spaniard's squiggle TILDE
Stomach settler BROMO
Student of Seneca NERO
Sun-dried clay ADOBE
Suspicion INKLING
Thanksgiving staple YAMS
Their blades shorten your blades MOWERS
They pass FADS
Told all SANG
Tribute of a sort ODE
Vessel for do-it-yourself batik artists? HOMEDYEPOT
Wasn't in the black OWED
Went under DIVED
Western cat PUMA
Where Mark Watney was stranded in a 2015 film MARS
Windows precursor MSDOS
Word on an express lane sign ITEMS
You might get down from them GEESE
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