How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 22 2017

'Infinity' neckwear SCARF
'We Have the Meats' advertiser ARBYS
1983 Streisand film YENTL
Afternoon snooze SIESTA
Aware of ONTO
Bandleader's cue HITIT
Barbecue bit ASH
Bearer of the heavens ATLAS
Bird-related AVIAN
Bond player CRAIG
Bordeaux being ETRE
Burden ONUS
Butler's portrayer GABLE
Cancer follower LEO
Capital before Brasilia RIO
Christmas refrain NOEL
Clickable reference to some Yucatan natives? MAYALINK
Comic strip cry of horror ACK
Commodore computer introduced in 1985 AMIGA
Companion of Porthos and Aramis ATHOS
Cosmetics add-in ALOE
Cozy spot NEST
Dance from Cuba MAMBO
Defendant's story ALIBI
Dennings of '2 Broke Girls' KAT
Dept. that includes the CDC HHS
Dumbbell exercise CURL
Eurythmics song 'Love ___ Stranger' ISA
Exercise wheel user GERBIL
Extend outward WIDEN
Five-time co-star of Bogart LORRE
Flint product SPARK
From Florence, say TUSCAN
Great displeasure IRE
Hair holder CLIP
Informant in the pool? SWIMFINK
Ivy in Philly PENN
Joel or Ethan of film COEN
Just one bite TASTE
Las Vegas deal HAND
List shortener, for short ETC
Lizard's coffee additive? SKINKCREAM
Mathematician's change symbol DELTA
Merit EARN
Money maker MINT
Olympian with a rifle BIATHLETE
One's usual environment HABITAT
One, for Juan UNO
Opposed AVERSE
Oscar-nominated role for Smith ALI
Plum tomato variety ROMA
Quirkily creative ARTSY
Radar's real name on 'M*A*S*H' WALTER
Remover of locks BARBER
Ryan or Pelosi, briefly REP
Scores ALOT
Set a price of ASK
Sign of what's ahead OMEN
Silent auction site EBAY
Single LONE
Soft mineral TALC
Song from a one-named singer with three Grammys? PINKNUMBER
Squeezes (out) EKES
St. Peter's Square speaker POPE
Stage that means 'doll' in Latin PUPA
Stuffed turnover KNISH
Takes turns ROTATES
Target for a spiker PUNCHBOWL
Teaching segment UNIT
They can be loose or tight ENDS
Things right at your fingertips NAILS
Toothy tools SAWS
Touch down LAND
Upside-down sleepers BATS
Verdi's African princess AIDA
When flirting is inappropriate? NOWINKSITUATION
Wood for Woods, e.g CLUB
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