How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 09 2019

'And another thing...' further
'Be that as ___' itmay
'Blame It on the Bossa Nova' singer Eydie gorme
'Don't mind ___ do' ifi
'Fargo' Oscar winner McDormand freelances
'lol, peace' ttyl
'That clears things up!' isee
'The Reader' Oscar winner Winslet workmate
'Ugh, he would do that!' typical
'What's the big idea?' hey
According to per
Adipocyte fatcell
Agents Mulder and Scully, e.g feds
Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, e.g foes
All over the web viral
Appears onstage carpenters
Approvals assents
Artist Albrecht durer
Author Anais nin
Barcelona boy nino
Bark beetle victim elm
Be a bad influence on enable
Bedeviled ateat
Begins starcharts
Belittles abases
Boo-boos owies
Bored plea amuseme
Broadway title character Hansen evan
Brushed-on layer coat
Burglar's take haul
Capital close to Valparaiso santiago
Cereal with a 'silly rabbit' mascot trix
Cheese-chasing captive labrat
Cleanse lave
Consequent to upon
Cornerstone abbr estab
Day for fanning yourself hotone
Designer from Normandy dior
Downtime rest
Dress (up) tog
Early muse of memory mneme
Easily accessed near
Eco-friendly procedure greening
Emulated Rip Van Winkle slept
End for city or sea scape
Engineer concerned with dilithium crystals scotty
Entree with a crust potpie
Feminizing suffix ess
Fiendish evil
Fixtures behind paintings safes
Flesh and blood kin
Fodder crop clover
For a couple, on scores adue
Gain traction online trend
Gentle hill rise
Go places getfar
Growth area field
Hard to watch sad
Hare hair fur
Having five sharps inb
Hearing-related aural
Heartstring motions tugs
Helpful things aids
High-protein snack edamame
Hilda or Zelda, to Sabrina aunt
Home of the NCAA's Banana Slugs ucsc
Home of the NCAA's Horned Frogs tcu
Identifies pegs
Impatient antsy
Innocents babes
Jiff sec
Kick back idle
Kremlin denials nyets
Like money in your pocket unspent
Like some toilet paper twoply
Like Ventura, vis-a-vis Malibu upcoast
Line to the indecisive, and what you'll need to add in order to complete some lines in this puzzle fishorcutbait
Low dam weir
Many a time oft
Melber of MSNBC ari
Method: Abbr sys
Money execs cfos
Move propel
Much of the Rug Belt asia
Name found high in many a business directory, appropriately acme
NBC journalist Natalie moralcodes
Never Again movement opponent nra
Not right now lateron
Not worth crying over, perhaps spilt
Novel ender, perhaps epilog
Number of hills of ancient Rome vii
Nutritional drink brand ensure
Olympian who won four gold medals in 1936 owens
Opry descriptor ole
Paper bundle ream
Parts of 53-min. NBA games ots
Parts of hearts atria
Pay attention to heed
Payless purchase pair
Persian poet Khayyam omar
Pic, in adspeak foto
Plane part nose
Pocket rockets, in Texas hold 'em aces
Pod contents pleasure
Police chap, or police trap cohosting
Prolonged reprimand fearfully
Prudent wise
Put ___ to (end) gastropub
Race that's longer than a marathon ultra
Reds, on a scoreboard cin
Revival cry praisegod
Rich source lode
Seller of fries, across the pond chipshop
Slimy gunk goo
Some carolers altos
Some fruity-smelling compounds esters
Some junior enlistees, for short pfcs
Source of 'cheetah' and 'mynah' hindi
Sportscast shocker upset
Spreadsheet function sum
Stand in the way of oppose
Steamy sexy
Stranger things? curios
Stray line? herekitty
Strong suit fortunate
Subscribes to an email newsletter, perhaps optsin
Suffering seriously inagony
Suffix with ether or arbor eal
Sumac with a wide vocal range yma
Swindles consoles
There are 10,000,000 in a joule ergs
They'll give you a hand dealers
Took for booking ranin
Totally dominated owned
Venn diagram components sets
Vowel in Athens eta
Was in debt shadowed
Withdrawal location lair
Withdrawing gradually, with 'out' phasing
Witness onlooker
Young fellow lad
___ up (have a lot of pasta, say) carb
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