How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Feb 09 2019

'Chilly Scenes of Winter' writer Beattie ann
'Instant Karma!' songwriter lennon
'Lady Bird' director Gerwig greta
'Nothing to worry about' itsok
'That's fine with me' imcool
'The Round House' writer Erdrich louise
'Vive ___!' leroi
A little night music lullaby
About six trillion mi ltyr
Adoption of a cause espousal
Amatory archer eros
Arles article une
Artistic filmmaker auteur
Arty New Mexico community taos
Available, in a way tolet
Bankruptcy filer of 2001 enron
Bark used for bitters angostura
Bearer of a st. no bldg
Big fans adorers
Blush wine color pink
Brewpub selections ales
Broom brand ocedar
Budget-friendly, in brand names econo
Canton that holds a capital bern
Canton that shares a border with 35-Down uri
Cartoon collectible cel
Cash charge atmfee
Catering dispensers teaurns
Caught on camera seen
Ceremonial robes kimonos
Charge carrier ion
Chill to the bone scare
Classical prefix neo
Colony crawler ant
Comfortable computer accessory (Toni Basil, 1982) ergonomickeyboard
Concluding passage coda
Course with lots of problems math
Cow chow hay
Cry from a crib mama
Decorator's contrasting touches accents
Deli loaf (The Four Seasons, 1962) kosherrye
Dermatologist's case acne
Difficult to grasp elusory
Disruptive forum poster troll
Dog food bag abbr lbs
Evangelist's target sinner
Exclamation of feigned innocence moi
Exposed bare
First veep adams
Flair elan
Foot part instep
Force to be reckoned with (Barry Manilow, 1974) humandynamo
Forlorn desolate
Frizzy dos afros
Go along with accedeto
Go over like ___ balloon alead
Guitar great Ry cooder
Gun on the streets rev
Handle hard times cope
Hard labor toil
Historic caravel pinta
Holds owns
Hoops powerhouse, familiarly uconn
Inadvertently mentions something upsetting (Starship, 1985) hitsarawnerve
Interjections akin to 'oops!' uhohs
Interpol headquarters city lyon
Jacques, par exemple frere
Jet stream heading east
Join the spin class pedal
Keebler's Ernie, e.g elf
Largest city am Rhein koln
Leaves high and dry abandons
Left at a crossroads, e.g turn
Like calves, to cowboys ropable
Like stags and stallions male
Living off of feedingon
Longtime Big Apple mayor (The Kinks, 1970) fiorellolaguardia
Magic Johnson's first name earvin
Manning of the Giants eli
Mazola competitor wesson
Mexican state with a major drug cartel sinaloa
Milwaukee brewer Frederick pabst
Mimicking ala
Multicolored play area ballpit
Name of a Dominican diamond dynasty alou
Ninnies dodos
Not now, and probably not soon oneday
Observable area (Dionne Warwick, 1967) visualfield
Observed remarked
Oscar winner for 'Cocoon' donameche
Party in Pretoria anc
Pattern on a pie lattice
Personal protector (Paul Anka, 1957) guardianangel
Pinochle scores melds
Planetary reflectivity measure albedo
Potent strong
Price indicator tag
Proverbial battlers sexes
Punt, e.g boat
Pusher's product narcotic
Recurring theme leitmotif
Reef residents eels
Rocky Mountain ruminant elk
Scott of 'Charles in Charge' baio
Sculpture material blockice
Seat of Florida's Marion County ocala
Sen. Schumer's designation dny
Sent secret messages to, in a way bcced
Short snooze nap
Sinus rhythm trace, for short ecg
Ski shop buy parka
Small bit tad
Small stream rill
Small world globe
Soldier on horseback lancer
Some are steep terrains
Sow sound oink
Statue spots alcoves
Sunday in Santiago domingo
Supermarket worker stocker
Surrealist Tanguy yves
Taylor of 'Bones' tamara
They're red in Boston sox
Three-part snack oreo
Thriller, e.g genre
Tom's 'Mission: Impossible' character ethan
Took a rolled newspaper to swatted
Trattoria treats gelati
Tribe in some logic puzzles liars
Undertaking task
USMC sergeants, e.g ncos
Vacation homes, perhaps condos
Waffle maker iron
Way to get answers ask
Western PA city, to locals pgh
What you used to be? thee
Workout souvenirs aches
Writing assignment essay
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