How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Feb 08 2002

'City Without Walls' poet AUDEN
'Face the Nation' carrier CBS
'It's just ___ those things' ONEOF
'Kid Galahad' star ELVIS
2000 U.S. Open champ SAFIN
Abyssal plains settings SEABEDS
Adopted son of King Polybus OEDIPUS
Arafat's org. PLO
Before, in the beginning PRE
Big red dog of kids' TV CLIFFORD
Bluffer's ploy RAISE
Bomb part FUSE
Breaks the Tenth Commandment COVETS
Brief brawl SETTO
Brit's exclamation ISAY
Character with an ivory leg AHAB
Charlotte ___ (fancy dessert) RUSSE
Choose like Superman? OPTFORLOIS
Color section FUNNIES
Comical 'I see' AHSO
Common cow moniker BOSSY
Con's cover ALIAS
Congress setting HILL
Constellation's brightest star ALPHA
Couples may be under it PAR
Court figures EARLS
Creator of Sadie Hawkins ALCAPP
Creeper keeper TRELLIS
Creme container OREO
Cry of distaste FIE
Dandy FOP
Democrat, Republican and Independent? TRIOOFPOLS
Derisive cries HOOTS
Diamond family name ALOU
Driving test taker, typically TEEN
Enlivens, with 'up' PEPS
Excited about UPFOR
Expose, in verse OPE
Eyeglass parts TEMPLES
Fake fat OLESTRA
Fliers like Snoopy? ROOFPILOTS
Football field makeup SOD
For church singers, e.g. CHORAL
Forever's partner ADAY
Frivolous one TRIFLER
Frustrates a scout group? FOILSTROOP
Go full tilt GALLOP
Govt. promissory note TBILL
Granola ingredient OAT
Grating sound RASP
Great Leap Forward proponent MAO
Greece, to the Greeks ELLAS
Half a fl. oz. TBSP
Hall of Fame pitcher Red FABER
Have trouble deciding SEESAW
Headed up LED
Held protectively CRADLED
Hired labor? TOILOFPROS
Hitter of 660 home runs MAYS
Hopper BIN
Horrible housing SHANTY
In a perfect world IDEALLY
Infamous name of Uganda IDI
Interest rate setter FED
Intimate CRONY
Ishmael's half-brother ISAAC
It names names WHOSWHO
Jacques Cousteau's ship CALYPSO
James Galway's hometown BELFAST
Japanese Beatle? ONO
Jim and Tammy's old club PTL
Kimono cinch OBI
Kind of rock or rain ACID
Lady-killer LOTHARIO
Lao-Tzu's 'way' TAO
Leader who spent 15 years in the KGB PUTIN
Leaves the office GOESHOME
Like some legal work PROBONO
Long swimmers EELS
Loser to Franklin in 1936 ALF
Lots of land ACRES
Luau chow POI
Magazine ARSENAL
Man-mouse link ORA
Milkshakes, in New England FRAPPES
Minimal evidence SHRED
Name on a bomber ENOLA
Nest egg choice ROTHIRA
Net from pay toilets? LOOPROFITS
New beginning NEO
Newly coined coin EURO
Nine-digit ID SSN
Not in the dark about HEPTO
Not long., for this world? LAT
Off the leash LOOSE
Office skills meas. WPM
Old hat STALE
Org. headquartered in the Empire State Bldg. YWCA
Pacifier SOP
Pearl Mosque setting AGRA
Photo ___ (media events) OPS
Pizzeria order SLICE
Plain wrong ALLWET
Prepared for cooking THAWED
Pres. from Denison, Texas DDE
Publicity piece RELEASE
Puppy noises YAPS
Question about hoof-and-mouth disease? FOOTORLIPS
Recipient of a college grant FELLOW
Rest inducers OPIATES
Rob's role on 'The West Wing' SAM
Ruler at Karnak RAMSES
Runner Z341topek EMIL
Sci-fi escape vehicle POD
Secondary MINOR
Settled a dispute, in a way DUELLED
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Six-pack makeup ABS
Skeptical grunt HUMPH
Spam, for example EMAIL
Stab TRY
Stray ERR
Suffix with dull or drunk ARD
Sung syllable TRA
Tattered and torn RATTY
TD's six PTS
They exist from hand to mouth REINS
Tire reinforcement PLY
Trading spot PIT
Tramp's love LADY
Tree bump BURL
Twenty questions answer YES
Unduly suspicious PARANOID
Unruly locks MOP
Uppity group SNOBS
Vanity affair EGOTRIP
Victor at Fredericksburg LEE
Waved in the breeze FLAPPED
What timid ones wouldn't hurt AFLY
Zero NIL
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