How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Dec 19 2014

'...tore open the shutters, and threw up the ___' SASH
'Entertainment Tonight' host Nancy ODELL
'It's beginning to look ___ like Christmas...' ALOT
'Mittens' singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
'Peppermint Twist' singer Dee JOEY
'Put a tiger in your tank' brand ESSO
'Tis the night before Christmas EVE
'To him be glory both now and for ever' book IIPETER
'___ a vacation!' INEED
'___, the Barrow Boy' (song by the Decemberists) ELI
1998 Angelina Jolie HBO movie GIA
Alpine road feature ESS
Alternative to a baked potato RIPILAF
Arm muscle, informally BIP
Article for Tannenbaum DER
Attended unofficially SATINON
Badly agitated, with 'up' HET
Brandy ___ (classic cocktail) CRUSTA
Bygone blade SNEE
Cannons and mortars, e.g ORDNANCE
Capitol Hill gp CONG
Carell of 'Foxcatcher' STEVE
Cathedral display ICON
Checkbox choice on Santa's list NAUGHTYORNI
Christmas composition by Michael Praetorius MOTET
Christmas cookie seasoning CARDAMOM
Christmas Mass, e.g SERVI
Christmas visitors MAGI
Cleaning up a mess? ONKP
Coal product TAR
Cold mountain? IBERG
Colleague of Natalie and Savannah MATT
Collector at a gate TOLLMAN
Cool art at a winter carnival ISCULPTURES
Cork shooter POPGUN
Cuts into cubes DIS
Cutting-edge UPTODATE
Dedicatee of a Beethoven piece ELISE
Demanding ONEROUS
Depletes, as profits EATSINTO
Didn't stand pat DREW
Do a slow burn SEETHE
End-of-week cry TGIF
Fawn over ADULATE
First part of 'The Nutcracker' ACTI
Four Seasons Hotel New York architect PEI
Fried quickly SAUTEED
General who's a foe of Superman ZOD
Genetic messenger RNA
Gift for a clothes horse HANGERS
Gingerbread cookies tin abbr NTWT
GOP fundraising org RNC
Greeting from Eliza Doolittle ELLO
Gucci fragrance ENVY
Holds in high regard ESTEEMS
Holiday desserts SPICAKES
Holiday dinner desserts PIES
Horace's ' ___ Poetica' ARS
Hung around the mall, perhaps LOITERED
Hunter turned into a deer by Artemis ACTAEON
Husky hopper FLEA
Imperative on many a Christmas card REJOI
In the thick of AMID
Jeanne of 'Jules and Jim' MOREAU
Keeping the beat INTEMPO
Kristen of 'Bridesmaids' WIIG
Last Oldsmobile model ALERO
Legendary Gaelic hero OSSIAN
Less abundant SCARCER
Like a Christmas tree EVERGREEN
Like St. Nicholas BENEFINT
Little bits IOTAS
Lorry driver's need LINCE
Lustrous gem OPAL
Made lustrous GLOSSED
Madrid Ms SRTA
Magistrate PREFECT
Maker of Under the Mistletoe candles GLADE
Many radios FMS
Men, in a caroling choir LOWVOIS
Mortgage holder, e.g LIENEE
Moscow news acronym ITAR
MTV show until late 2008 TRL
Nipper's co RCA
One catching sight of something DESCRIER
Pair of earmuffs? EFS
Paris's ___-Coeur Basilica SACRE
Part of a New Year's song AULD
Pending, in law NISI
Phoenix team SUNS
Pitches ADS
Places for roasting chestnuts in a Christmas song OPENFIRE
Places in a pyramid ENTOMBS
Poler bearer RAFT
Pricey gifts for man caves HDTVS
Prop for Will Rogers LASSO
Pulitzer-winning sportswriter REDSMITH
Pupil's place DESK
Quinze doubled TRENTE
Ralph's wife ALI
Rap's Tone-___ LOC
Real-time news source LIVEFEED
Region-based AREAL
Reindeer with smaller antlers, perhaps DOE
Released, as stock UNPENNED
REM researcher's tool EEG
Rockefeller Center attraction IRINK
Romeo's home VERONA
Santa's flight plan for Chicago to D.C ESE
Secretive group? GLANDS
See 69-Across CIRCLE
Single-person ski lift LBAR
Sites of some holiday parties OFFIS
Skate feature LACE
Skater Babilonia TAI
Snow-___ (winter vehicle brand) TRAC
Stocking problem SNAG
Stocking stuffer TOE
Stocking stuffers TOYS
Stopwatch button RESET
Strand at a ski resort IIN
Suffer in a heavy Santa suit, say PERSPIRE
Supermodel Wek ALEK
Sweet Hungarian wines TOKAYS
Tech. sch INST
Textbook section UNIT
The Dow, for one AVERAGE
These, in Tijuana ESTAS
They may be inflated EGOS
They might put you out SEDATIVES
U.K. military decoration DSO
Unknown degree NTH
Victoria's Secret buy BRA
Waits for Santa's arrival STAYSUP
What N. is to S OPP
Where Father Christmas is called Gaghant Baba ARMENIA
Where to find Santa Monica Blvd INLA
Wide shoe sizes EEES
Wise man GENIUS
With 71-Across, this puzzle's theme ARCTIC
Words after 'Addicted,' 'Goodbye' or 'Somebody' in song titles TOLOVE
Workshop tool ADZE
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