How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 23 2016

'Frozen' snowman OLAF
'Here's what I think,' in texts IMO
'I'm With ___' (Clinton slogan) HER
'Let me think...' HMMM
'Old Time Rock and Roll' singer SEGER
'The Clan of the Cave Bear' author Jean AUEL
'The Merry Widow' composer LEHAR
'The More You Know' TV spot, for short PSA
'What'd I say!' TOLDYA
*1960s-'70s period VIETNAMERA
*Diner sandwiches TUNAMELTS
*Oscar winner for 'Cocoon' DONAMECHE
*Ted Cruz, by heritage CUBANAMERICAN
Ally of Morpheus and Trinity, in a film trilogy NEO
Alva or Quincy, or what the answers to the starred clues have MIDDLENAME
Astound STUN
Athletic prodigy PHENOM
Baseball's Musial STAN
Big Apple nightclub of song COPA
Bill in a till TEN
Breakfast fruit MELONS
Business letter abbr ENCL
Business letter abbr ATTN
California roll and the like SUSHI
Captain of the Pequod AHAB
Clearing in the woods OPENAREA
Commodore PC brand AMIGA
Cornhusker State metropolis OMAHA
Destroy, as a hotel room TRASH
Doc bloc AMA
Doesn't rent OWNS
Doorbell-ringing company AVON
Each PER
Financial company that acquired Equitable in the 1990s AXA
Flapjack flipper SPATULA
Funny fellow WAG
Fur tycoon John Jacob ASTOR
Glutton of the grape WINO
Greater part BULK
Greek god of war ARES
Greiner of 'Shark Tank' LORI
Hand over CEDE
Hoppy amphibians TOADS
Ipso ___ FACTO
Jodie's role in 'The Silence of the Lambs' CLARICE
Leo's studio MGM
Like Confederate uniforms GRAY
Lyricist Gershwin IRA
Monogram of a January honoree MLK
National paper since 1982 USATODAY
Not neg POS
On the go ACTIVE
Perp pursuers COPS
Pool table surface FELT
Powerful Chevy CAMARO
Projections that fit into mortises TENONS
Rise to its highest level CREST
River of Russia URAL
Roll with the punches ADAPT
Rudolph of 'Bridesmaids' MAYA
Shakespearean spirit ARIEL
Site of Ger. and It EUR
Soup alternative SALAD
Start of a Caesar boast ICAME
States to be true AVERS
Summit APEX
The States, to those south of the border ELNORTE
They're sometimes hard to break HABITS
Three-time NFL MVP Brett FAVRE
Tiara adornments GEMS
Turn at the chessboard MOVE
Turn indicator ARROW
Waikiki wear MUUMUU
Wandering sort NOMAD
Way back when AGESAGO
Young one TOT
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