How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 16 2002

'...and ___ a good night!' TOALL
'...good witch ___ bad witch?' ORA
'Amazing!' OOH
'Awake and Sing' playwright ODETS
'Brigadoon' composer LOEWE
'Call Me Irresponsible' lyricist CAHN
'Darn!' RATS
'Hardly!' NOT
'I'll speak a prophecy ___ go': 'King Lear' EREI
'It's fine with me!' IAPPROVE
'Later!' IMGONE
'Some Like It Hot' star MONROE
'There ___ joy in...' ISNO
'Third Watch' fig. EMT
1976 film 'Dona ___ and Her Two Husbands' FLOR
Abu ___ DHABI
Angular opening? RECT
Atlas expanses SEAS
Attractive bunch? MAGNETS
Bach trio DREI
Ball point? TEE
Balmy DAFT
Biblical brother ABEL
Bick's ranch, in 'Giant' REATA
Big busyness ADO
Blueprint detail SPEC
Board material EMERY
Bonehead DOLT
Book whose title is a Marquesan word for a rover OMOO
Borrowed ONLOAN
Brahmans, e.g. HINDUS
Broadway flop about a girl and her antelope? ANNIEGETYOURGNU
Broadway flop about an introduction to actor Bridges? HELLOLLOYD
Broadway flop about an undercover goose? THESECRETGANDER
Broadway flop about chicks from another planet? BABESINMARS
Broadway flop about high-minded beliefs? SOPHISTICATEDIDEALS
Broadway flop about singers with financial problems? ACHORUSLIEN
Broadway flop honoring entertainer Tyne? MYFAIRDALY
Business report topic DOW
Cannes consent OUI
Caroler's word NOEL
Carp family member DACE
Castle defense MOAT
Cavalry base FORT
Choreographer Alvin AILEY
Commence START
Cosmopolitan competitor ELLE
Cubby hole? DEN
Darned it? SEWED
Dawdle LAG
Dict. offering DEF
Disinfectant target GERM
Draft pick ALE
Drying racks AIRERS
Ear pieces CORN
Earth Day subj. ECOL
Effervesced FOAMED
Emmy winner Falco EDIE
Field marshal? REF
Former CBS head Laurence TISCH
Fourteen-line work SONNET
French bean? TETE
Geological time EPOCH
Gilbert and Sullivan princess IDA
Greenspan of the Fed ALAN
H.S. subj. ENG
Hail ___ (wave from the sidewalk) ACAB
Harangue TIRADE
IRA variety ROTH
Island of southern Japan, familiarly IWO
It may be outstanding BILL
It may lead a charmed life COBRA
It was formed after the Bolshevik Revolution REDARMY
Item found in a shell OAR
Judged the worth of ASSAYED
Key of Chopin's 'Minute Waltz' DFLAT
Lex of 'Smallville' LUTHOR
Like Hyundai and Samsung KOREAN
Long-nosed swimmer GAR
Lower Manhattan area SOHO
Madrid must-see PRADO
Make stronger, perhaps REARM
Maker of Robusto sauces RAGU
Matter for the courts RES
Mike Piazza, e.g. NYMET
Mixed doubles team TWO
Modeling needs CLAYS
Monopoly buys HOUSES
Neighbors ABUTS
Net gain? FISH
News hour opener TOPSTORY
Oil lamp part WICK
One of the fire signs ARIES
Orphan of the comics DONDI
Osaka-born pitcher NOMO
Overseas vacation spot ISLA
Pastoral mother EWE
People of the Yucatán MAYANS
Physicist's study ATOM
Pick-up artist? REPOMAN
Pitches in HELPS
Polite address MAAM
Prefix meaning 'both' AMBI
Prefix with European or China INDO
Prevaricates LIES
Product mascot with a single earring MRCLEAN
Region of southwest Saudi Arabia ASIR
Roof rim EAVE
Sam's Club rival COSTCO
SAT takers SRS
Setting of a 1993 accord OSLO
Setting of many Mario Vargas Llosa novels LIMA
Shad delicacy ROE
Sharon, for one ISRAELI
Sheep's clothing WOOL
Signaled approval NODDED
Smart word? OUCH
Spam, e.g. EMAIL
Start of Fred Flintstone's cry YABBA
Stick figure? YARD
Striker's foe SCAB
Subway platform word UPTOWN
Support beam IBAR
Sweet sandwich OREO
Tabloid topics SCANDALS
Takeoff SPOOF
Taking bold steps STRIDING
Tea times SOCIALS
Temptress along the Rhine LORELEI
They have titles OWNERS
Tiara features GEMS
Tommy Dorsey hit OPUSONE
Tower over DOMINATE
Type of mutual fund NOLOAD
Use a crowbar on PRYOPEN
Wall St. deals LBOS
Water source TAP
Weekend getaway for New Yorkers HAMPTONS
Whatever quantity ANY
Who once went by NEE
Words of approximation ORSO
Words that leave you in a bind? IDO
___ Valley (city northwest of Los Angeles) SIMI
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