How many letters in the Answer?

The Guardian - Cryptic crossword Feb 13 2019

A bit of sex is taped live exist
Boxer to blunder around, cornered by Pole sparrer
Cabaret setting from songwriter berlin
Clips wings of ibis and dove flying around videos
Correct conclusion is to embrace yours truly emend
Crazy for señorita one may pull online loco
Dash at a clip round horse, then old banger chipolata
Dropping dress without doing wrong goingdown
Entertains, wanting top source of inspiration muses
Externally graceful, gaining in love? glamorous
Ferocious creature getting class finally to listen shark
Gush wildly after the Spanish female provides fun laughs
Honest poet's entreaty to write? open
Impressive in school, a rebel means to be heard academic
In ground, make fast kind of dash with cricketer enroot
Is one eager or excited to follow theatre event? operagoer
Leave coat down that's picked up furlough
Lift painter's papers, with compass put out of place disarrange
Liking to draw, celebrate giving away page arty
Maybe red grouse, by the sound of it wine
Nautical equipment led sailor the wrong way sonar
One may be fired from public school in Hackney arrow
Passion in a lot of 2 not broadcast devotion
Place for tender date by houses bedside
Powder, coke, rocks? It comes with a large bill! woodpecker
Qualification from writing about movement in European arts masters
Rebellious Gaul's broken end off daggers obeli
Rick is severe, covering neck kiss
Short fashion pro for
Teacher prone to lose heart, flipping besotted epris
The bourgeoisie calling out for food burgers
What about back pain? ache
Where to eat pasta twists with staff tapasbar
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