How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Mar 20 2011

'Champagne music' maestro WELK
'Hasta __' LUEGO
'Holy cow!' YIPE
'Java' man HIRT
'Oh, doggone!' FIDORANAWAY
'There! __ and I'm glad!' ISAIDIT
'We __ World' ARETHE
'__ Dream' ('Lohengrin' aria) ELSAS
12/31 recitation COUNTDOWN
1953 movie, 'The 5,000 Fingers of __' DRT
Abrasive powder EMERY
Actress Tomei MARISA
Addams cousin ITT
Amnesiac's query WHOAMI
Aristocratic TITLED
Author Lofts NORAH
Bandmate of Micky, Mike, and Peter DAVY
Baseball bigwig Bud SELIG
Between ports ASEA
Big Apple ave. LEX
Big Band style SWING
Big-eyed primates LORISES
Birds sought in vain? WILDGEESE
Bit of wit EPIGRAM
Bloodhound's trail ODOR
Bobby-__ SOXER
Body art, briefly TAT
Bonkers APE
Bricklayers' gear HODS
Business magazine INC
Cabaret employee TAXIDANCER
Canon competitor RICOH
Car the Beach Boys sang about TBIRD
Cartomancer's pack TAROT
Centrally located FOCAL
Cheerful place? BRONX
Circulates FLOWS
Cobbler, at times SOLER
Deal breakers NOES
Dervish FAKIR
Directly SMACK
Director Kurosawa AKIRA
Eddie of vaudeville FOY
Encrusted CAKY
Enjoy the Appalachian Trail HIKE
Everything else REST
Excitedly crazy WIGGY
Exhausts USESUP
Fire CAN
Follower (suffix) ITE
For all to hear ALOUD
Former GM line GEO
Freezing ICECOLD
Guinness Book suffix EST
Hamburger's sub? UBOAT
Hide away SECLUDE
High structure (abbr.) TWR
In the future TOCOME
Indigene NATIVE
It's in the same state as LAX SFO
Its cap. is St. John's NFLD
Itsy-bitsy WEE
Jimmy Dorsey theme SORARE
Kin of X-rays MRIS
King of England, 1714-27 GEORGEI
Large number RAFT
Like a dunce cap CONIC
Like an amoeba ONECELLED
Lisa Marie's dad ELVIS
Longings YENS
Made an X, maybe VOTED
Magneto's foes XMEN
Man of old Rome VIR
Mix by melting FUSE
Motive, essentially WHY
Nampa's state IDAHO
Nemesis of Charlie Brown KITE
Now, in Nogales AHORA
Numbers game SUDOKU
O.K. Corral figure EARP
Observance RITE
Off guard, maybe DISTRACTED
Once-ugly duckling SWAN
One thing after another? PARADE
Paddock papa SIRE
Perry of fashion ELLIS
Pron. category MASC
Puppet pioneer Tony SARG
Quickly APACE
Radio station in a 1990s AMC series WENN
Ram's ma'am EWE
Recently OFLATE
Red River city HANOI
Relish EATUP
Remove branches LOP
Rhine city, to locals KOLN
Salon specialist DYER
Scam artists HOAXERS
Screw up ERR
Sean Combs alias DIDDY
Show-biz bookings GIGS
Sidestep AVERT
Skyrocketed SHOTUP
Smart phone? SHOE
Soon enough ANON
Spare LEAN
Split RIVE
Staminate MALE
Starbucks order LATTE
State Secretary under Truman ACHESON
Tease KID
The Joker, long before Jack or Heath CESAR
Thorn in Almira Gulch's side TOTO
Tibetan pooch LHASA
Tina's ex IKE
Top exec. PRES
Transfer DECAL
Turkish title AGA
Univ. staff FAC
Universal donor TYPEO
Unprepared RAW
Way to go ROUTE
When 'love was such as easy game to play' YESTERDAY
Where Elena Kagan taught HARVARD
Winner of both a Nobel and an Oscar SHAW
Writer Janowitz TAMA
__-conscious ECO
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