How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com May 11 2008

'___ Named Sue' ABOY
'Big Mouth' Martha RAYE
'Goodnight' girl of song IRENE
'I' for Claudius EGO
'Roots' author Haley ALEX
'Three men in ___' ATUB
'Whoops!' OHOH
Abominable Snowman YETI
Al Green's genre SOUL
Alluring SEXY
Ancient Germanic invader GOTH
Aptly named fruit UGLI
As required DULY
Attention-getter at sea AHOY
Author Vidal GORE
Average MEAN
Ballet skirts TUTUS
Bart Simpson's pop HOMER
Batman's sidekick ROBIN
Big name in hotels HILTON
Bikini blast ATEST
Birds-feather link OFA
Bit of flooring TILE
Bowled over AWED
Brandenburg trio DREI
British noble EARL
Burns's birthplace AYR
Butter portion PAT
Caged talker MYNA
Carefree song syllables TRALA
Cashless transaction SWAP
Climbing plant VINE
Cooperative group TEAM
Cribbage marker PEG
Current line WIRE
Digital readout, for short LCD
Fence opening GATE
Fly-swatter material MESH
Gathered in HARVESTED
Glance through SKIM
Great Salt Lake locale UTAH
H. Rider Haggard title SHE
Hitachi competitor SANYO
Hue changer DYER
In fact TRULY
Informal speech SLANG
Irish county DONEGAL
Iroquoian language MOHAWK
Kennel cry YIP
Kind of chop PORK
Kind of recording MONO
Like some agreements BILATERAL
Limping, maybe LAMED
Located SITED
Locker art PINUP
Married woman WIFE
Newsroom fixture DESK
NZ birds KIWIS
Oklahoma Indian ARAPAHO
Opening word? SESAME
People of eastern Siberia YAKUT
Persian fairies PERIS
Robert De ___ NIRO
Rumple MUSS
Russell of 'Gladiator' CROWE
Scandinavian goddess of fate NORN
Shell carriers? OILTANKERS
Snarl GNAR
Snowstorm aftermath SLUSH
Some jellyfish MEDUSAS
Styptic pencil stuff ALUM
Thesis penners PHDS
Totally nuts GAGA
Tramp's partner LADY
Tree trunk bulge KNAR
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