How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Jan 18 2010

'Clair de Lune' composer DEBUSSY
'Look Who's Talking' actress ALLEY
'This __ laughing matter!' ISNO
Arabic name of Sri Lanka SERENDIP
Authentic REAL
Ballet position ECARTE
Basinger and Novak KIMS
Began again RENEWED
Branches RAMI
Canadian prime minister Pierre TRUDEAU
Chamber piece TRIO
Chest muscles PECS
China's Xiao-ping DENG
Come to pass OCCUR
Corruptible VENAL
Cry of pain OUCH
Curve BEND
Dancing Astaire ADELE
Diane or Michael KEATON
Dots in the ocean ISLES
Finnish epic poem KALEVALA
Folktale monster OGRE
France's patron saint DENIS
Get snug NESTLE
Giant with a hundred eyes ARGUS
Go in Glasgow GAE
Goddess of peace IRENE
Grow less WANE
Harsh cry YAWP
Hawaiian goose NENE
Hindu deity DEVA
In the know AWARE
Indian axes TOMAHAWKS
Indian peasant RYOT
It happens EVENT
Lubricating OILING
Lump together AGGREGATE
Managed COPED
Marina sight BOATS
Meat avoider VEGAN
Model Macpherson ELLE
Monster loch NESS
Mountain nymphs OREADS
Muslim leader IMAM
Ordinal number ender ETH
Painter Jackson POLLOCK
Piano piece ETUDE
Put in order ARRANGE
Rebuke CHIDE
Regular EVEN
Riches LUCRE
River of Russia URAL
Romanian monetary unit LEU
Scorch CHAR
Seed covering ARIL
Shadow TAIL
Shaped like a half-moon SEMILUNAR
Sharp side of a blade EDGE
Snitch RAT
Stand in line WAIT
Storied lioness ELSA
Surrounded by AMONG
Tennis star Agassi ANDRE
Tips off ALERTS
Treater's words ONME
Type in again REKEY
Uncommon RARE
Voting group BLOC
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