How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Apr 23 2008

'Born Free' character ELSA
'Compos mentis' SANE
'First Wives Club' members EXES
'Juno and the Paycock' playwright OCASEY
'Livin' la ___ Loca' VIDA
'Merrily we roll ___' ALONG
'Nautilus' skipper NEMO
'The Lark' playwright ANOUILH
Act badly EMOTE
Airport outside Paris ORLY
Anatomical network RETE
Apple Computer offering IMAC
Archer's missile ARROW
Article in Le Monde UNE
Aussie tennis star Fraser NEALE
Be in a huff SULK
Belarus's capital MINSK
Belgian city LIEGE
Bethlehem visitors MAGI
Biblical marriage feast location CANA
Bounding main OCEAN
Bridge length SPAN
Bronco catcher LASSO
Burden ONUS
Caen's river ORNE
Canal to the Baltic KIEL
Catty remark MIAOU
Civil War soldier REB
Clay-pigeon hurler TRAP
Compacted DENSE
Congregation affirmation AMEN
Discards DUMPS
Dispatch to Dilbert MEMO
Entanglement SNAG
Eventually ONEDAY
Father, in France PERE
Female fox VIXEN
Ferry of Roxy Music BRYAN
Fiendish EVIL
Focal point NODE
Former Spice Girl Halliwell GERI
Freudian topics EGOS
German thoroughfare STRASSE
Get a load of EYE
Handle sharers NAMESAKES
In Latin, that is IDEST
Infinite ENDLESS
Knight of note GLADYS
Lhasa ___ (small dog) APSO
Native Nigerians IBOS
Not so hot POOR
Noted Titanic couple ASTORS
Nursemaid in India AYAH
Old White House nickname IKE
Poet Mandelstam OSIP
Pro ___ publico BONO
Puts in stitches SEWS
Ratio of AB to BC, say SINE
Reclined LAIN
Remove rind PARE
Respected one DOYEN
Sea eagles ERNS
Shows surprise GAPES
Sierra ___ (Mexican range) MADRE
Sometime babysitters GRANDMAS
Star in Perseus ALGOL
Tabula ___ (clean slate) RASA
They're found near churches MANSES
Very thin stationery AIRLETTER
Vespers time EVENING
Zamenhof's language ESPERANTO
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