How many letters in the Answer?

The A.V Club Jul 14 2010

' ... long walk ___ short pier!' OFFA
'Eh?' WHA
'The Book of ___' (2010 Denzel Washington picture) ELI
'We know drama' channel TNT
'___ do that?' (Urkel catch phrase) DIDI
Airport security measure that's getting old? DULLBODYSCAN
Alternatives to Levi's LEES
Barbara and Jenna, to Jeb Bush NIECES
California ball club, briefly LAA
Casual refusals NAHS
Character retired by Sacha Baron Cohen ALIG
Chisel cousin ADZ
Chorus around babies AWS
City with a Suntory Museum OSAKA
Climb up ASCEND
Comforting words after a fall IMOK
Compass dir. NNE
Creature with a queen ANT
Detroit-based labor gp. UAW
Direction ender ERN
Employee's assets SKILLSET
Famously dark mystery author POE
Farmers' market letters CSA
Frat party drinking prop FUNNEL
Full of pulp, as fruit FLESHY
Hardware store binful SCREWS
Headed for the morgue, perhaps DOA
In plain sight OVERT
In the center of AMID
Like pencil nubs WORNDOWN
Like the Honda Element BOXY
Loses the attention of BORES
Magnetism ALLURE
Mess up, as an owner's furniture SHEDON
Mind-expander of a sort LSD
Mobile crosstown, e.g? DIXIEBUS
Most like a fox SLYEST
Narrator Paradise in 'On the Road' SAL
Navigates a racing boat COXES
Non-alcoholic beer choice ODOULS
Not prerecorded ONLIVE
On the fence UNSURE
Paint with a saintly ring ENHALO
Pass over SKIP
PBS 'Newshour' host LEHRER
Pickled SAUCED
Pince-___ NEZ
Prefix with friendly or conscious ECO
Pressed sandwiches PANINI
Really, really beautiful IDYLLIC
Really, really big OCEANIC
Ross and Frances DIANAS
Safety devices used during acts of congress? CONDOMS
Small amounts of sunscreen DABS
Small bouquet originally used to mask rotten smells NOSEGAY
Sniff and then some INHALE
Soaks WETS
Some mobile communiqués SMSS
Soundtrack to many a lighting up ONELOVE
Squiggly Spanish diacritic TILDE
Style manual publisher MLA
Sugar suffixes OSES
Term for what happens when your phone wrongly predicts the word you want to type, and what shows up in 17-, 22-, 35-, and 50-Across TEXTONYM
That masturbation causes blindness, e.g. MYTH
They're figured into a QB rating TDS
Three-dimensional CUBIC
Top draft status ONEA
Try to get a rise out of RAZZ
Underwear brand that recently ended their relationship with Charlie Sheen HANES
Unfriendly ICY
Vegetarian's motto? DONTHATEACOWMAN
Word after Old or Scary SPICE
Words before shoppe, often YEOLDE
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