How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Aug 24 2008

"--- be home for ..." ILL
"--- Wiedersehen" AUF
"... or --- thought" SOI
"Brokeback Mountain"'s Randy QUAID
"Get Happy" composer Harold ARLEN
"Heidi" author Johanna SPYRI
"I could --- horse!" EATA
"Mister Roberts" director Logan JOSHUA
"My karma ran over my ---" DOGMA
"Piece of the rock" co. PRU
"Superman"'s Christopher REEVE
"The Balcony" playwright Jean GENET
"The Old Curiosity Shop" villain QUILP
"Whoop-de-do!" YAY
--- alai JAI
-lite of mine? ORE
A bit blue SALTY
Address abbr. POBOX
Admonish CHIDE
Already, to Arletty DEJA
Arctic POLAR
Baseball sacrifices BUNTS
Beethoven's "Ode ---" TOJOY
Big picture EPIC
Boston Symphony's summer home LENOX
Bristol boy LAD
Camry or Model T CAR
Chastity's father SONNY
Chucklehead DUNCE
Come together MERGE
Comedy bit GAG
Cone portion SCOOP
Crime on freeway exits? RAMPLAWLESSNESS
Crowd scene actor EXTRA
Crows' cries CAWS
Cut off STOP
Decimal system deviser DEWEY
Deplane like a shot? EJECT
Despot Amin IDI
Dilly-dally DAWDLE
Draft status ONEA
Dug into PROBED
Dutch cheese GOUDA
Earned others' neglect? WONDISREGARD
Electrical gizmos ADAPTORS
Evasive COY
Evreybody has one TYPO
Famous KNOWN
Fawn's parent DOE
Fl. oz. fraction TSP
Fountainhead ORIGIN
Frosty fabric? CHILLYLACE
Fugitive's flight LAM
Gainsbourg/Koussevitzky disdainers' attitude? NOTIMEFORSERGES
Get into the pool BET
Get stuff direct from abroad? SELFIMPORT
Go downhill fast SCHUSS
Green veggie grower? PEASFARMER
He played Huxtable COSBY
Highlander or Celt GAEL
Historical Dead Sea fortress MASADA
Horse fathers SIRES
Hunt or Hayes HELEN
Identical SAME
Immigration Museum island ELLIS
In pieces APART
Jessica who played Miss Daisy TANDY
Jest KID
Journalists SCRIBES
Just for the heck of it ONALARK
Knight or Nugent TED
Knockout LOOKER
Kroc or Conniff RAY
Lamb nom ELIA
Lash of early Westerns LARUE
Lbs. and kgs. WTS
Lens type ZOOM
Like a stocky cat COBBY
Like hot fudge GOOEY
Lively BRISK
Lock sites CANALS
Lucerne swindlers' stings? SWISSCONS
Lucky Charms rival TRIX
Magic charm MOJO
Majorly malodorous NOISOME
Make a putt SINK
Make fake FALSIFY
Makes points SCORES
Marx who did the mirror bit with Lucy HARPO
Menial LOWLY
Microwave ZAP
Monk moniker FRA
More crackers LOONIER
Nolan or Napoleon EXILE
Paquin or Pavlova ANNA
Pats down FRISKS
Picks up SENSES
Pointy temple tower STEEPLE
Pot top LID
Prefix with polis METRO
Primo the pugilist CARNERA
Quarter of eight TWO
Raven haven NEST
Razzle-dazzle ECLAT
Rite answer IDO
Rock and roll DJ legend Alan FREED
Rock's Rundgren TODD
Scarecrow stuffing STRAW
Seductive SEXY
Series about much-married citizens? AMERICASMOSTWED
Silly speech DRIVEL
Slips into DONS
Smoked jalapeño CHIPOTLE
Some deer ROES
Sparkle GLEAM
Sparkler GEM
Sparkling verbal sparring REPARTEE
Stage's salesman LOMAN
Startle ALARM
Sun. address SER
Sunflower, for one SEED
Takes in SEES
The old man DAD
Thrice, in Rx's TER
Timetable SCHEDULE
Tom of TV talk SNYDER
Transitory TEMPORAL
Vex the military? GALLSOLDIERS
Wakefield cleric VICAR
Why private people manage without manservants? BUTLERSPRY
Woof kin ARF
Writer Kesey or Follett KEN
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