How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Mar 22 2009

"... all the way down to ___" MYTOES
"... man ___ mouse?" ORA
"Amo, amas, I love ___" ALASS
"Don't Bring Me Down" band ELO
"May ___ now?" IGO
"Smooth Operator" singer SADE
"Wheel of Fortune" purchase ANI
"___ a problem" NOT
A real knockout? ETHER
A, in Dusseldorf EIN
Actor Michael who wed Barbara Eden ANSARA
Actress June (and kid sister of Gypsy Rose Lee) HAVOC
Alias letters AKA
And now a word from our spaniel ARF
Announcer, once CRIER
Antarctica's Mt. ___ EREBUS
Appliance maker AMANA
Aquarium fish NEONS
Aronnax's creator VERNE
Auto need OIL
Auto paths: abbr. RDS
Avoids restaurants EATSIN
Back FRO
Bathroom cleaner brand TILEX
Berth place UPPER
Birds, at times NESTERS
Blue Moon of baseball ODOM
Boarding place STOP
Boosts UPS
Brand of gloves ISOTONER
Catch NAB
Charlotte ___ AMALIE
Chas. Addams character ITT
Chisholm Trail st. KAN
Close, as a race TIGHT
Coconut-husk fiber COIR
Coed housing DORMS
Come to pass HAPPEN
Comment about a kid who prefers the old "Tonight" show? LIKEFATHERLIKECARSON
Connected series CATENA
Cousin of a J.D., in legal circles LLB
Cozy corner NICHE
Craterlike basin of a volcano CALDERA
Cruising level, for ex. ALT
Daffy collectibles CELS
Doll material SATIN
Draw again REDO
Elicits smiles AMUSES
Ex-Secretary of State Cyrus VANCE
Excess rain RUNOFF
Expands WIDENS
Female advisor (anagram of I AGREE) EGERIA
Genetics topic RNA
Get rid of DELETE
Glaze, often HONEY
Glenn's old employer NASA
Glorify EXALT
Great times HIGHS
Greek letter PSI
Greek letters KAPPAS
Hawaiian coast KONA
Heady order ALE
Herd member COW
Home of Pikes Peak COLORADO
Hypo content, to an RN MED
Indiana athletes PACERS
It involves a lot of Sunday drivers GOLF
It means "other" HETERO
Job for a Mason? CASE
Like some stares VACANT
Little Boy Blue's girlfriend? LITTLEGREENCARMEN
London vehicles TRAMS
Mauna ___ LOA
Most popular dance instructor in Mexico? CARLACUCARACHA
Mother-of-pearl source ABALONE
Old marketplace AGORA
Old route to Fairbanks, the ___ Highway ALCAN
On ___ AROLL
Otologist EARMAN
Part of a floor plan? AREARUG
Part of a horticulture series? BIRTHOFACARNATION
Patriotic grp. DAR
Patron saint of Eng. GEO
PC people USERS
Pint-sized pal of the Jolly Green Giant? TOMMYCARROT
Pope's vestment FANON
Prime-time time NINEPM
Put together BUILT
QB's pass, completed or not ATT
Radiator sound SSS
Read letters? SPELL
Rights org. ACLU
Robert and Nolan RYANS
Role for Roz MAME
Roman orator CATO
Rooms, to Rosita SALAS
Ruhr rejection NEIN
Run-down SEEDY
Russo of "Ransom" RENE
Serious amount of weight ONETON
Sign outside a cheap hotel? SORRYNOCARPETS
Skim the clouds SOAR
Slab that printers used to mix on INKSTONE
Slapper in shorts MOE
Snapper trapper NET
Some browns TANS
Sophia contemporary MARCELLO
Soup container CAN
Start of a Keats poem ODEON
Strong adhesive EPOXY
Symbol of cutbacks AXE
Tea of "Spanglish" LEONI
Texas landmark ALAMO
The king, in Cannes LEROI
The ___ luxury LAPOF
Thumbs up et al. OKSIGNS
Tinseltown org. SAG
Toppers HATS
Trick ending? ERY
Truth teller's protestation IDONTLIE
Try to disprove REBUT
Tube top CAP
TV sergeant BILKO
Unfettered FREE
Very capable EFFICIENT
Who's-working-when list SKED
Whom Vinny may be seeing tonight? SOMEFRIENDSOFCARMINE
Words to a traitor ETTU
Works as a musician PLAYSAGIG
___ Del Rey, Calif. PLAYA
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