How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 20 2006

'American ___' IDOL
'Fiddler on the Roof' matchmaker YENTE
'The Family Circus' cartoonist Keane BIL
'The fifth Beatle' ONO
'___ calls?' ANY
'___, Caesar!' AVE
1960's Detroit Tigers star McLain DENNY
Alley org. PBA
Auburn foe ALABAMA
Avatar of Vishnu RAMA
Big bird EMU
Big bow SALAAM
Blair's predecessor MAJOR
Both Begleys EDS
Came from behind RALLIED
Children's author trying to dry out? AAMILNE
City in SW Russia OMSK
City SE of downtown Los Angeles COMPTON
Colony member ANT
Company in the Martha Stewart stock trading scandal IMCLONE
Compassion PITY
Country singer Williams LUCINDA
Course coup EAGLE
Decline SAYNO
Doesn't shut up YAPS
Dwight beat him twice ADLAI
Early late-night name PAAR
Eddying ASWIRL
Fasten firmly, as to a bench CLAMPON
Feverish ILL
Fresh-squeezed ex-football star/pitchman? OJSIMPSON
Girl rescued by Don Juan LEILA
Gong site PAGODA
Harbinger OMEN
Hoagy Carmichael's 'Star Dust,' e.g. OLDIE
Illustrator Thomas NAST
In the least ONEBIT
Judge in I Samuel ELI
Leslie Caron musical LILI
Like Beethoven DEAF
Like some whales BEACHED
Litigator's org. ABA
Loretta of 'M*A*S*H' SWIT
Loved by DEARTO
Maintained order over POLICED
Medical facility CLINIC
Menu words ALA
Musically connected LEGATO
Mystery writer with a badge? PDJAMES
Nobel or Oscar HONOR
Novelist Janowitz TAMA
Novelist/poet not playing the field? DHLAWRENCE
Nymph loved by Apollo DAPHNE
Opposite of post- PRE
Painter Nolde EMIL
Pill variety CAPLET
Prefix with -lithic NEO
Rash response? TALC
Right on the map EAST
Sample SIP
Set of wedges? PIE
Shrink's statement ISEE
Some nods OKS
Sound systems STEREOS
Stilt's place LEG
Strapped INNEED
Tardy person's question AMILATE
Turn ROT
Undoer of 'ritardando' ATEMPO
Very cool 1970's N.F.L.er? ACCOWLINGS
W.W. I battle locale ARGONNE
Was sweet (on) DOTED
Watch readout, for short LCD
Wipe out END
Word on both sides of 'to' and 'for' MAN
___-faire SAVOIR
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