How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 16 1997

'E pluribus unum,' e.g. LATIN
'Holy mackerel!' EGAD
'j' topper DOT
'Tarzan' extra APE
'The Masque of Alfred' composer ARNE
'What's the ___ that could happen?' WORST
'You've got my support' IAGREE
'Yuck!' UGH
'___ mind?' DOYOU
1847 South Seas adventure OMOO
1957 Ford debut EDSEL
7-11 game CRAPS
Aria, usually SOLO
Baby blues PEEPERS
Bad Ems, e.g. SPA
Bath's state MAINE
Bit of parsley SPRIG
Bordeaux, e.g. VIN
Bygone London transport TRAM
California wine valley NAPA
Camel's cousin GUANACO
Caterpillar, for one LARVA
Desert mount DROMEDARY
Desperation football pass HAILMARY
Educ. group PTA
Emissions tester: Abbr. EPA
Ev'rlasting ETERNE
Executive: Abbr. PRES
Finishes ENDSUP
Full up SATED
Gave a ticket CITED
Glazier's unit PANE
Go ___ detail INTO
Goes brunette this time REDYES
Golden, in France DOR
Got some shuteye SLEPT
Hightail it TEAR
Hillbilly TV fare HEEHAW
Hockey great Phil, familiarly ESPO
Home annex GARAGE
How many bouquets are made TOORDER
Humorist Bill and others NYES
Irish locale of song TIPPERARY
Kind of answer YESNO
Kind of tide NEAP
Landscaper's tool EDGER
Lb. and kg. WTS
Leave laughing SLAY
Like many titles HEREDITARY
Native: Suffix ITE
New Zealand native MAORI
Operatic prince IGOR
Paparazzo's prize PIC
Physicians' grp. AMA
Physique, slangily BOD
Place for marbles STATUARY
Pro ___ RATA
Recipe amt. TSP
Reverend's responsibility PARISH
Rolls's partner ROYCE
Running bowline, e.g. NOOSE
Rx purveyor APOTHECARY
School sports org. NCAA
Settles bills PAYSUP
Shady lady BAWD
Strait of Dover port CALAIS
Tabriz's land IRAN
Take five REST
Theater, opera, etc. ARTS
They follow standing ovations ENCORES
Top 40 music POP
Woman of distinction DAME
___-di-dah LAH
___-disant (self-styled): Fr. SOI
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