How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 14 2010

'Dig in!' EATUP
'I've got a mule, her name is ___' SAL
'Masterpiece ___' THEATRE
'No, you go, really' IINSIST
Abbr. after a lawyer's name ESQ
Alternative to a Philly cheesesteak BLT
Alternative to a print version: Abbr. PDF
Ambassador's asset TACT
Anthony of the Supreme Court KENNEDY
Arafat's birthplace CAIRO
Astronomer Halley EDMOND
Auditorium balcony, e.g. TIER
Bean on the screen ORSON
Before, in verse ERE
Big news on the sports page TRADE
Bing Crosby, e.g. CROONER
Busts NABS
But: Lat. SED
Cheekiness CHUTZPAH
Cheerleader's cheer RAH
Chose from a menu ORDERED
Christine's lover in 'The Phantom of the Opera' ERIK
Cloud ___ NINE
Consideration for when to arrive at the airport: Abbr. ETD
Cracker brand RITZ
Cup's edge LIP
Driveway surface TAR
Egg-shaped OVATE
Endure LAST
Epps of 'House' OMAR
Excessively TOO
Explosive Sicilian? ETNA
Features of Sophocles plays ODES
Fragile articles ... or a hint to the things named by the circled letters BREAKABLES
Game featuring 108 cards UNO
Garden shop offering SOD
Gets used (to) ADAPTS
Give it a go TRY
In consecutive order SEQUENTIAL
It's driven over the ice between periods ZAMBONI
It's flashed by an officer BADGE
It's read from right to left TORAH
It's smelled when something's fishy RAT
Just barely legit BORDERLINE
Knowing, as a secret INON
Less active IDLER
Locket, often PENDANT
Major constellation? URSA
More arid DRIER
Musical set in Buenos Aires EVITA
Nada ZIP
One-up OUTDO
Peeve, with 'off' TICK
Pirouette TWIRL
Place for a ring TOE
Regret RUE
Response to 'Who wants ice cream?!' IDO
Rolls for dinner SUSHI
Senseless INANE
Shrek and Fiona, in 'Shrek' OGRES
Something an undercover agent might wear WIRE
Sound accompanying a cloud of smoke POOF
Source of intelligence: Abbr. NSA
Standing ERECT
Stats for a QB INTS
Summer cooler ADE
Sunburn soother ALOE
Team that has a tankful of rays in the back of its ballpark TAMPABAY
That, to Tomás ESA
The 'king' in 'The Last King of Scotland' IDIAMIN
Went 'tap tap tap' on a keyboard TYPED
What a slow person may need HEADSTART
What makes a pin spin? ESS
Witherspoon of 'Legally Blonde' REESE
Word written on the Saudi flag ALLAH
You, to a Quaker THEE
___ by chocolate (calorie-heavy dessert) DEATH
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