How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 31 2016

'30 Rock' or '3rd Rock From the Sun' SITCOM
'Old boys' network' meeting places MENSCLUBS
'The Time Machine' race ELOI
'___ going!' NICE
'___ Lay Dying' ASI
12, on a grandfather clock XII
1920s standard with the lyric 'Sugar's sweet, so is she' BYEBYEBLACKBIRD
1941 film 'citizen' KANE
1971 hit for Marvin Gaye subtitled 'The Ecology' MERCYMERCYME
1986 hit for Talking Heads WILDWILDLIFE
1988 #1 hit for UB40 REDREDWINE
1990 hit that samples the bass line from Queen/Bowie's 'Under Pressure' ICEICEBABY
A pitching ace has a low one, in brief ERA
Barley beard AWN
Big feature on a donkey EAR
Bottom-of-the-bottle stuff DREGS
Brother of Cain ABEL
Carnival attraction RIDE
City between Dallas and Austin WACO
Classical music halls ODEONS
Commercial lead-in to Pen EPI
Complain, complain, complain NAG
Crazily fast FRENETIC
Cry to an attack dog SICEM
Decay ROT
Dictionary offering: Abbr DEF
Empty ___ (parent whose children have all moved away) NESTER
Flowed back EBBED
Friendliness AMITY
Funny Bombeck ERMA
Gas in commercial signs NEON
German 'a' EIN
Give off EMIT
Grocery section with milk and yogurt DAIRY
Head: Ger KOPF
Italian cheese ASIAGO
Item of apparel often worn backward CAP
Jekyll's alter ego HYDE
June 6, 1944 DDAY
June preceder MAY
Laid down the first card OPENED
Left behind ABANDONED
Like a Monday crossword puzzle, relatively speaking EASY
Like some textbooks USED
List-ending abbr ETAL
New York City mayor de Blasio BILL
Oak or elm TREE
Observed SEEN
One cubic meter STERE
Perfect IDEAL
Policy experts WONKS
Psychic power, informally ESP
Pusher's customer USER
Regions AREAS
Removing surgically EXCISING
Route displayer on a dashboard, for short GPS
Salt, chemically NACL
See 34-Down BABA
See 6-Down AGE
Setting for 'The King and I' SIAM
Sierra ___ (African country) LEONE
Something thrown at a bull's-eye DART
The 'm' of e = mc^2 MASS
Tire filler AIR
Toboggan, e.g SLED
Toy gun pellets BBS
Twin city of Raleigh DURHAM
Western plateau MESA
With 27-Down, foe of the Forty Thieves ALI
With 5-Down, present time MODERN
Woman in 'The King and I' ANNA
Word that fills both blanks in 'This ___ is your ___' LAND
Word with finger or America MIDDLE
Yawn-inducing BLAH
Year: Sp ANO
___ bin Laden, 2011 Navy SEALs target OSAMA
___ Mawr College BRYN
___ pants (baggy wear) HAREM
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