How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 18 2013

'Cheerio!' TATA
'Darn it all!' DRAT
'I give up!' UNCLE
'___ upon a time ...' ONCE
1948 Hitchcock thriller ROPE
Abbr. above 0 on a phone OPER
Actress Sophia LOREN
Artist Lichtenstein ROY
Bauxite, e.g ORE
Cameo gem ONYX
Car belonging to Rex? HARRISONSFORD
Catch, as a criminal NAB
Center square of a bingo card FREE
Chaney who played the hunchback of Notre Dame LON
Charles Lamb's pen name ELIA
Cleaning solutions LYES
Column's counterpart ROW
Conks on the head BOPS
Diplomatic representative ENVOY
Doghouse infestation FLEAS
Drummer Ringo STARR
Encircle GIRD
Exploit USE
Facial expression VISAGE
Facial socket EYEPIT
Filing tool RASP
Former spouses EXES
Goes suddenly from success to failure, in slang TANKS
Gomer of Mayberry PYLE
Greek letters before rhos PIS
Homo sapiens, for humans SPECIES
Israel's Abba EBAN
King of the fairies, in Shakespeare OBERON
Kiss, to Brits SNOG
Lairs DENS
Lake ___, source of the Niagara River ERIE
Lambs' fathers RAMS
Leaves rolling in the aisles SLAYS
Like the end of this clue (in terms of punctuation) PARENTHETIC
Lite beer belonging to Bea? ARTHURSMILLER
Long-eared dog BEAGLE
Messages limited to 140 characters TWEETS
Milo of 'The Verdict' OSHEA
Mongolian desert GOBI
Mrs. Lincoln's maiden name TODD
New York's Giuliani RUDY
Not foul FAIR
Off-road goer, for short ATV
Old Russian ruler TSAR
Part of a bushel belonging to Dick? GREGORYSPECK
Place to keep a hibachi PATIO
Prefix with Atlantic MID
Prefix with dynamics AERO
Prepares to shoot a gun AIMS
Pro ___ (proportionally) RATA
Professional charges FEES
Put another layer on, as of paint RECOAT
Response to an online joke LOL
Rock belonging to Ariel? SHARONSSTONE
S-shaped molding OGEE
Salt Lake City residents, e.g UTAHANS
Self-esteem, as the French would have it AMOURPROPRE
Serving between appetizer and dessert ENTREE
Small whirlpool EDDY
Taylor boy of Mayberry OPIE
The 'I' of M.I.T.: Abbr INST
The last King Richard III
Tied, scorewise EVEN
Too hasty RASH
Waikiki welcome ALOHA
Wirehaired dog TERRIER
___ bin Laden OSAMA
___ de Janeiro RIO
___ Sea, body of water south of Italy IONIAN
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