How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 17 2011

'I suppose' OKAY
'Illmatic' rapper NAS
'See ___ Play,' classic Pink Floyd song EMILY
'Stronger title' for this puzzle LETTERSORTING
'The Godfather' title DON
'___ in good health' USEIT
A Coen brother ETHAN
Authoritative pronouncement DICTUM
Average Town, U.S.A PEORIA
Bee: Prefix API
Bilingual country CANADA
Bruise preventers PADS
Building plan with many doors, say MAZE
Certain cut-off point TIMELIMIT
Chesapeake Bay, e.g ESTUARY
Cleanup org EPA
Co. follower, sometimes INC
D-Day refuges for the wounded, for short LSTS
Dashboard fig MPH
Duplex mail ALLMIXEDUP
Egypt's Gamal ___ Nasser ABDEL
Figures DATA
Flake NUT
French word that sounds like a letter of the alphabet EAU
Game fish in northern lakes and streams WALLEYE
Gas up? AERATE
Gets going EXCITES
Girl's name meaning 'loved' AMY
Glare preventer TINT
Halloween-ish CREEPY
House of Tudor woman BOLEYN
Item that's mostly mesh STRAINER
Kind of converter ACDC
Kind of date for a woman DUE
Lie next to ABUT
Lighter choice ZIPPO
Like a pro rata division, say FAIR
Mad manager ANAGRAMMED
Magazine that serialized Simone de Beauvoir's 1967 'La femme rompue' ELLE
Makes sore IRES
On-air personalities, in the biz TALENT
One mo ASEC
Opinionated Dr. ___ LAURA
Overfill GLUT
Painter's appurtenance DROPCLOTH
Parrot's cry AWK
Part of N.E.A.: Abbr ASSN
Penpoints NIBS
Pick, with 'for' OPT
Puddle source RAIN
Rapper ___ Rida FLO
Rarity on the other end of a help line, nowadays HUMAN
Rear garden REARRANGED
Recesses RESTS
Release, in a way PAROLE
Repulses, with 'off' FENDS
Roof detour OUTOFORDER
Runs rings around? ORBITS
Savory turnover from south of the border EMPANADA
Seal's grp USN
Sendai seasoning MISO
Something lost in the wash? ODOR
Spring opener ROSEBUD
Swarms of them are called clouds GNATS
Tea-grading term PEKOE
The 40th since 1789 REAGAN
They have 225-min. 34-Downs SATS
They're not as heavy as stones KILOS
Two of these make a fathom: Abbr YDS
Untouchable? SAFE
Watts of '21 Grams' NAOMI
Without following up, say ONCE
Yachting need SAIL
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