How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 22 2018

'Casablanca' role ilsa
'Come on already!' letsgo
'Just hang on!' inasec
'You don't say!' gee
14-line verse with only two rhyme sounds rondel
1962 Paul Anka hit esobeso
2008 Benicio Del Toro title role che
Another term for 17-Across greatbear
Antagonism enmity
Approximately orso
Assembled met
Auction grouping lot
Authoritative command edict
Bakery loaves ryes
Caesar's world? orbis
Calf catcher lasso
City on the Seward Peninsula nome
Compound in synthetic rubber butene
Constellation next to Draco ursamajor
Dame Myra of piano fame hess
Diminutive swimsuit speedo
Dispatched, as a dragon slew
Doesn't mind disobeys
Drain decloggers lyes
Dried up sere
Fateful day ides
Flavorers of some pies and ice cream pecans
Former co-host of 'The View' odonnell
Galley equipment oars
Garr of 'Tootsie' teri
Give ___ of approval anod
Gofer's assignment errand
Gut-punch reaction oof
Habituate inure
Heart's-___ (pansy) ease
Held in contempt scorned
Hi, on Hispaniola hola
Hoedown partner gal
Hopped up ondope
How lemmings migrate enmasse
Indo-___ languages aryan
Jason of 'I Love You, Man' segel
Lab warning? arf
Language that becomes the name of where it's spoken if you add an 's' lao
Laser output ray
Lease signatories tenants
Make, as an income earn
Martial arts school dojo
More foxy slyer
Music genre with confessional lyrics emo
Noted tower setting babel
Numbskull dodo
Original of an old photo, informally neg
Outdo top
Part of 17-Across ... and what the circles from A to G depict bigdipper
Part of a gig byte
Part of NATO treaty
Prefix with -hydrozoline tetra
Real estate unit acre
Responsibility for a social media manager tweets
Sheik's land, in poetry araby
Sonata finale coda
SpaceX founder Musk elon
Start of a decision-making process eeny
Subtly suggested gotat
Thing located in the night sky by extending a line from circle F past circle G northstar
Took the cake won
Tournament director's responsibility draw
Twilled fabric serge
U-Haul alternative ryder
Victorian ___ era
Villain's hangout lair
What landlubbers don't like to be asea
What this is for 1-Down clue
Widely adored woman goddess
Wiped clean erased
Zodiac constellation leo
___ Gay, 1945 bomber enola
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