How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 21 2019

'Jeez Louise!' awman
'Oh, it's nothing to concern yourself with' ignorethat
'Peer Gynt' composer grieg
'The Divine Comedy' writer dante
'Wait, you think I did that?' whome
'___ you insane?' are
Abu Dhabi's land, for short uae
Actress Falco edie
Actress Paquin who won an Academy Award at age 11 anna
Attended a party without a date wentstag
Australian boot brand ugg
Automaker with Supercharger stations tesla
Better trained abler
Chromosome component gene
Cleveland's lake erie
Comic Radner of early 'Saturday Night Live' gilda
Cry when encountering 26-Down eek
Desire urge
Development that might compete with a downtown mall
Did an amazing job on aced
End-of-the-week cheer tgif
Extra song on an album bonustrack
Febreze target odor
Genre for the Harry Potter books fantasy
Go 50 in a school zone, say speed
Goals aims
Golden-years savings vehicles, for short iras
Gumbo green okra
Has a huge impact ... or a hint to this puzzle's circled letters changestheworld
Identifies, as in a Facebook photo tags
Its time has not yet come future
July-August sign leo
Jupiter's Ganymede and Europa moons
Kept going and going ranon
Laudatory poem ode
Let go of cede
Let secrets out sing
Lethargy malaise
Little chuckle tehee
Little scurriers mice
Long March leader mao
Made less strenuous eased
Marsh bog
Match up sync
Material in a cell's nucleus dna
Mobster John gotti
Not idle active
Notable times in history eras
Omits mention of leavesunsaid
On the same page agreeing
One doing heavy lifting, informally? gymrat
One of four for a grand slam, for short rbi
Ones with private ambitions? armyrecruits
PIN points? atms
Primary outflow of Lake Geneva rhone
Profit gain
Quarreling atit
Reason to replace a fuel line leak
Reclined lain
Red 40 or Yellow 6 dye
Result of overexertion ache
Rose with 4,256 major-league hits pete
Six-point accomplishment for a QB tdpass
Some draft selections ales
Some food for a horse oats
Sport-___ (multiterrain vehicle) ute
Sports venue arena
State between Wash. and Mont ida
Strand, as during a winter storm icein
Swirl above a drain eddy
Therefore ergo
Tie up, as a ship moor
Twitter platform? nest
Vietnamese New Year tet
Word before 'a hint,' 'a line' or 'the ball' drop
[Ah, me] sigh
___ machine (stage effect maker) fog
___ Major ursa
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