How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 19 2013

'60s White House name ABE
'BUtterfield 8' novelist OHARA
'Coffee ___?' ORTEA
'Who goes there?' reply ITISI
Actress Hayworth RITA
Al ___ DENTE
Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic? TENNISSERBS
Band for a 'Miss' SASH
Banned orchard spray ALAR
Big concert site ARENA
Binding elementary particle GLUON
British mil. decorations DSOS
Canine woe MANGE
Certain NASA launch PROBE
Chick of jazz COREA
Children's game with letters ISPY
Chinese steamed bun BAO
Close call SCARE
Comb filler BEE
Common potluck dish LASAGNA
Construction support IBAR
Converse CHAT
Cry before 'Open up!' FBI
Cut a column, say EDIT
Decorates nicely GILDS
Definitely will SHALL
Detroit pioneer OLDS
Dickens's Uriah ___ HEEP
Displayed an 'Oh my God' reaction GRIMACED
Done, in Verdun FINI
Doomed ones GONERS
Drudge of the Drudge Report MATT
E-mail folder SENT
Early development centers UTERI
Evian Championship org LPGA
Fields LEAS
Fish trap EELPOT
Font option: Abbr ITAL
Fortunetellers' protest demand? SIBYLRIGHTS
Fundamental truth AXIOM
Gal., e.g AMT
Game of tag? BASEBALL
German article EINE
Getting up there OLDISH
Ghostbuster Spengler EGON
Give ___ (yank) ATUG
Go hither and yon ROAM
Google hit units WEBPAGES
Goya's 'The Duchess of ___' ALBA
Greek name for Greece ELLAS
Hands out hands DEALS
Ho-hum BANAL
Hyperbolically large GINORMOUS
Imitate ECHO
In ___ (archaeologist's phrase) SITU
It has buttons but no buttonholes RADIO
It's indicated in red DEBT
Jordanian port AQABA
José, to friends PEPE
Kind of bean FAVA
Laughable RICH
Leafy green KALE
Let happen ALLOW
Let Justin take care of everything? LEAVEITTOBIEBER
Like 'South Park' vis-à-vis 'The Simpsons' LEWDER
Like Nasser's vision PANARAB
Like steppes TREELESS
Little bit DASH
Locks HAIR
Logical beginning? IDEO
Longtime Yankee nickname AROD
Lunch counter orders BLTS
M.I.T.'s ___ School of Management SLOAN
Mortar trough HOD
NASA spacewalks, in brief EVAS
Near-perfect rating NINE
No longer fizzy GONEFLAT
On the button SHARP
One of the Dionne quints EMILIE
One of three Canadian aboriginal groups METIS
Operator USER
Paper size: Abbr LTR
Passed security at the troubadours' convention? SHOWEDBALLADID
Place for a massage SCALP
Plane, e.g TOOL
Plant bristle AWN
Plucked instruments LUTES
Prefix with phobia ACRO
Prepare to go canoeing? GETOUTTHEBOAT
Rental item DVD
Response to 'Look over there!' ISEEIT
Ristorante menu suffix INI
Royal robe trim ERMINE
Salad ingredient TUNAFISH
Seniors' org AARP
She, in Salerno ESSA
Sign for tourists visiting the Bolshoi? BALLETPARKING
Slowing down, musically: Abbr RITARD
Soap actress Sofer RENA
Some bookmarks, for short URLS
Some horns ALTOS
Something hilarious AHOOT
Something it's against the law to jump BAIL
Stadium binge? HOTDOGBENDER
Steams IRES
Suffix with luncheon ETTE
Suggest GETAT
Sweet, once NEATO
Swimming pool shade AQUA
Take in a hurry GRAB
Taverna offering GYRO
The Indians, on scoreboards CLE
They often have organs: Abbr ASSNS
Tongue waggers GOSSIPS
Top of the military? BERET
Tour guide's comment at the primate house? THATSAGIBBON
Tropical paradise for Barbie and Ken? BALIOFTHEDOLLS
Trudge (along) LUMBER
Twiggy's look in '60s fashion WAIF
Up, in 87-Down ATBAT
Up-and-coming actress STARLET
Urban grid: Abbr STS
Vientiane native LAO
What often follows you ARE
Wide-eyed and open-mouthed AGOG
Wintry temps TEENS
Wood strip LATH
Woodchopper, say AXER
Workout target FLAB
Wrap up END
___ Park ESTES
___ Rios, Jamaica OCHO
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